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How to Setup Asus Router

Asus Router Setup

Asus router setup wizard is only to be configured when you have completed the setup and login process of your Asus wifi router. Asus router settings are easily configured when you know the instructions, and we are here to provide you with only – a proper user manual to setup Asus router.

Before that, one should know the features that tag along with the purchase of Asus router. Though Asus is famous for making quality gaming routers and that is a top-notch thing because not many brands focus on this arena. Asus just does not focus on gamers’ demand, but Asus router setup wizard makes sure to keep your domestic or official network safe for your kids and employees, respectively, with their parental control feature and Ai protector setup. Even with a couple of models, this feature comes free for a lifetime.

Setup Asus router also gives a feature of AiMesh, and that boosts the network while strengthening it. You can join multiple nodes in a single network, and it comes with smart technology that automatically shifts you to the bandwidth with a better transmission. It’s called the cross-band technology or, in layman language, the seamless roaming.

Asus Router Setup Wizard: User Guide 

There are three ways to complete the setup Asus router. Those ways are listed here –

  • Web-based setup
  • App-based method
  • Wi-Fi Protected setup button

These three methods, all of them aid in the smooth setup of Asus router. Opt for the one most suitable to you.

Essentials one need for setup Asus router (for all methods)

  • Asus Router
  • Master modem/ router
  • Properly working internet connection.
  • Operating system (laptop – Web-based method; Smartphone – App-based setup)
  • Two ethernet cables
  • Login URL –
  • Default IP address –
  • Default Network SSIDs – mentioned on the back label of your Asus router.
  • Default web login SSIDs – Username – admin; Password – admin (all in small case)
  • App Store Asus Router App – Play Asus Router App –

Web-based method to reach Asus router setup wizard 

About the Asus router setting, one must complete the initial placement and arranging setup before. Here is a quick way to do so –

  • Power cycle your home modem/ router.
  • Plugin the Asus router into a power socket.
  • Get two ethernet cables and use one to connect the LAN port of the Asus router and your laptop/ operating device.
  • Use the second cable for forging an internet connection between the WAN port of Asus and to your home modem.
  • Use the SSIDs mentioned on the back label of the Asus router.
  • Open the wifi network and internet settings of your device and join the network SSIDs of step five.

Login to Asus router setup wizard

  • Open the web browser on your device.
  • Run the URL or the IP address
  • Now you have reached to Asus router login page.
  • Default SSIDs for login are admin/ admin – username/password.
  • Hit the login button to go to the Asus router setup wizard and begin configuring your Asus router.
  • On the right-hand side of the screen – you are looking at the setup of SSIDs for your Asus router network’s bandwidth. So, create your username and password.
  • On the left-hand side – you may look at the general and advanced settings of your Asus wifi router. You may update the firmware, set firewalls, activate VPN, create a guest network, use cloud, and whatnot. So, customize as you love.

App-based method to reach Asus router setup wizard

  • Download the app on your smartphone.
  • Now, power cycle the home router and power up the Asus router.
  • Use an ethernet cable and connect your home router with the WAN port of the Asus router.
  • Now, you may copy the SSIDs mentioned on the back label of your Asus router.
  • Open and turn on the wifi settings of your phone.
  • Enter the network name that you found on the back of the Asus router and join that network for further proceedings.
  • Open up the application of the Asus router.
  • From here onwards, you can go with the screen instructions that the Asus router application is flashing you with.
  • That will be all now. You may customize and configure the Asus router setup wizard on your own.

WPS based setup 

The easiest of all methods for the setup Asus router.

  • Keep both the routers near for eased configuration.
  • Power cycle the home router first.
  • Then, make sure to power up the Asus router.
  • Press the WPS button on your Asus router.
  • Now you may press the WPS button on the home router.
  • The network connection has been configured.
  • Now you may use the application for further Asus router setup wizard’s configuration.

We hope that these methods and steps be of your help. But in case you still feel the need for assistance, kindly reach out to our team of experts – we are here to help you configure your Asus router setup wizard.

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