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How to setup Mobile Phone Repair Business in India?

When you consider that India is home to a huge population spread across towns, cities, and rural areas in the mobile phone market, it is no surprise that the industry is growing quickly in India and across the world in general. The intense competition within the industry has produced an item that is technically advanced and inexpensive. A rise in the use of online and social media has been an important reason for the growth of smartphones. These elements are working together to create favorable conditions for companies involved in repair of mobile phones. Through this post, you’ll learn about the process of setup Mobile Phone Repair Business in India?

Stepwise Procedure to setup Mobile Phone Repair Business

  • Prepare a Business Plan

  • Analyze the Competition

  • Select a Location, Name of the Company and apply for Company formation

  • Request mandatory and valuable registrations

  • Find the raw materials and the tools required

  • Advertise your business online

Here are the steps required to start a repair business for mobile phones in India. The specific information for each step is given below.

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tasks_2021_2xPrepare a Business Plan

To fix phones, you’ll need to learn about repair methods. It is also necessary to be aware of everything you can about the internals of a phone. Therefore, you should create an enterprise plan that requires the constant study of mobile phones.

It’s hard to manage a business without having a Mobile Repair Business Plan and the right management. Consider the following aspects within the plans for the business.

  • Business Structure

  • Detailed Research of Market

  • Management and Executives

  • Financial Documents

  • Breakdown of Products and Services

  • Sales Strategy

  • USP(Unique Selling Point) and Business Model

tasks_2021_2xAnalyze the Competition

Many repair professionals for smartphones have set up their own shops for repair but as the amount of smartphone users increases so does the demand for accessories as well as software that can be used on mobile devices.

Therefore it is necessary to be aware of the market when you start a company that repairs smartphones. You can utilize an ISO Certification, MSME Registration.

tasks_2021_2xSelect the location, & Apply for the Company’s formation

It is essential to have a location for your business The shop should be accessible to commercial and residential customers. A great location for your business is an area that is residential or suburban and you are in a position to attract new customers from relatives and friends of your existing customers. High-quality customer service is an effective method of building an established customer base.

After you have selected the best place, you must create a business account with MCA. For the company formation, there are the following choices.

  • Private Limited Company Registration

  • LLP Registration

  • One Person Company Registration

  • Sole Proprietorship Registration

  • Partnership Firm Registration

It is also essential to pick a unique and unique company name or the name of your company. Furthermore, it is essential to be able to have a logo design to make your shop and brand appealing,

tasks_2021_2xApply for other mandatory registrations

As a mobile repair owner from India, You must possess all relevant licenses and permits prior to starting your repair business for mobile phones. You need to obtain a certificate and license from your local municipal officials, Gram Panchayats, or Tehsils to set up your own company in every state and city in India. Some of the most crucial registrations and licenses that you require are:

tasks_2021_2xFind the raw materials & the tools

If you are starting a Mobile Phone Repairing Business, keeping spare parts on hand is essential since you will only give fast service if spare parts are easily available. If you are looking to grow your business quickly, you’ll locate an authorized spares provider in your area and then stock up for the long run. It is also essential to have the tools able to be operated using mobile devices. This is why you should consider the benefits of a small business loan to finance your business and get the tools and equipment necessary to get your business off the ground.

tasks_2021_2xPromote your business online

Today, being online for any company is a plus. As the younger generation will use Google to locate the phone repair business you have as well, developing your website is the most crucial. Additionally, you have to be on social media by announcing the launch of new products as well as engaging with potential customers. Marketing right from the beginning is seen as a necessity and must be taken seriously as an essential part of your business.

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