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How to Shoot TikTok Videos? And get more reach

TikTok is a social media platform where users shoot popular videos, add different music and make entertaining broadcasts. Instagram is one of the most popular applications after them, although not as much as Facebook. It can be easily installed and used on Windows, Android, IOS. After installing the TikTok application, you can easily take a video by clicking the + icon. Although it does not support every music, it has enough different content and can be added to the video.

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How to Make TikTok Music Videos? Illustrations

TikTok video shooting is done in a standard way. The most preferred ones are the ones that are shot with music. The application is very simple to use, how to shoot a video with music for you? We will answer your question with a picture.


Download the application by logging into Google Play or Apple Store and typing Tiktok in the search section.


Sign up on Facebook, mail or whatever you want. After your Tiktok account is opened, click the + icon as in the picture below. You will see the video capture screen, when you press the red button, the recording will start. After 15 or 60 seconds of recording; You will see sections such as audio, effects, text, stickers, filters, voiceovers. The example picture is as follows.


When you click on the Sounds section, you will see some music saved in the system. You can write the name of the music you want in the search section. Of course, you may not find everything you are looking for due to copyright reasons. Hundreds of different effects will welcome you in the Effects section. Here you can choose the one you like and the one that is suitable for the video you have taken.



In the stickers section; You can find time, date icons, stars, hearts and many different emojis and add them to the video you have taken.

The text is indispensable for Tiktok videos to attract attention. Again, you can write an impressive title by clicking on the text tab at the bottom. You can use different filters for Tiktok video streaming. There are different modes such as a dim, bright, movie.

After shooting your Tiktok video, you can also add different sound effects instead of music. E.g; robot, squirrel, drums, electro, echo… If you want to put your own voice instead of adding music to your Tiktok video, click on the voiceover section in the right area, add your voice to the video after recording.

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If your Tiktok video shooting process is finished, you can click the next button from the field; Fill in your video description, choose who can watch the video or not, set duets and comments, and allow others to add. Before you say publish, you can also use the shared area on WhatsApp and Instagram.

This is how Tiktok normal and music video shooting is done. You can also make impressive shares by following the illustrated narration step by step.

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Other Information You Should Know About TikTok Videos


The videos you create on Tiktok can be 15 or 60 seconds long. In order not to bore people, long video uploads are generally not included in such applications. It may have a different interface with Tiktok in Turkey and China. You can make a great duet with a Tiktok user from the farthest point of the world. You can expand your network and followers by making friends with video shooters like you. Tiktok; If you have any other questions about shooting videos with music, effects, stickers or sound recordings, you can get help from the socialmediaofisi.com support team by commenting.

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