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How To Swallow Properly Mewing?

Mewing goes deeper than just correcting the posture of your tongue. In order to get the best results from mewing, you need to chew your food properly.

When chewing, it is important to use both sides of your jaw and teeth equally. Chewing should be done with your tongue moving around the food. The cheek muscles should not be used. In general, you should chew your food to the point of making a paste out of it.

Here’s a detailed guide about Mewing by healthyell.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Mewing:

Holding a proper tongue position throughout the day is a crucial aspect of mewing. There is no easy way to do this. How to mew correctly is explained here in step-by-step fashion:

Make the sound “N” with your mouth.

Finding the right tongue position is one of the biggest challenges of mewing. The easiest way to do so is to say the letter “N” several times and hold it for a few seconds.

While you are doing this, your tongue should reach up and push against the roof of your mouth.

Learn how to position your tongue.

Spend a few minutes practicing the “N” sound. The tongue will eventually get used to moving around in your mouth. Now try making the same position with your tongue without saying the “N”.

Getting this won’t happen right away, so don’t be concerned. You have to practice regularly for a few days before your tongue can be controlled. It is very easy once you learn it.

Swallow and raise your tongue.

After placing the back of the tongue against the palate, the next step is to swallow. This might be difficult for you. One more trick we can use is to swallow!

That’s correct. Practice swallowing deeply a few times using the tongue position you practiced earlier. As you do so, you should feel your tongue move up against your palate.

Practice this technique constantly to reach a point where you won’t have to keep sucking.

Keep repeating it until you are second nature with it.

Last but not least, you must get into the habit of holding your tongue in this position throughout the day.

Many people find it more practical to set smartphone reminders daily or hourly. Whenever you remember to mew is not working for you, I suggest trying this.

Be patient before expecting results.

If you want your facial appearance to improve quickly, mewing is not the technique for you.

You won’t notice any changes until several months have passed. As much as possible, meow throughout the day during this time. Keep a record of mewing before and after as well to notice the differences in detail.

Wrapping Up 

Using the tips above, you can chew every meal you eat. Try to make it a habit. Developing a habit takes about 66 days. So you will soon be able to chew correctly if you follow a weekly routine.

Slowly but surely is the way to go. During week one, you can practice chewing properly for lunch. The proper chewing method can then be used for lunch and dinner in the second week. Take note of how you chew each time you practice. You will eventually become accustomed to it.


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