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How to treat the minor ailments of summer?

Minor ailments of summer

Nothing more disagreeable is not it than having to endure the minor ailments of summer? Above all, don’t let these mild, mild ailments ruin your vacation, and try these natural remedies.

Motion sickness

City dweller to the tips of my nails, I have a big problem with transportation. Plane, train, car, or boat, whatever the means of transport, if I do not take the necessary precautions, my trip quickly turns into a nightmare. Unfortunately, there isn’t a silver bullet to overcome the annoyances of motion sickness. For a good reason, when motion sickness breaks out, notably the series of vomiting, there is nothing more to do.

In this case, the behaviour to adopt is to stop the landscape drawing. You have to go out and get some fresh air until the troubles and discomfort dissipate. However, this is not possible by plane, or when taking public transport. And to avoid these inconveniences, the best thing to do is prevention. So, I never travel on an empty stomach, for minor ailments. Otherwise, before departure, I bite into a small piece of ginger. It is an absolute natural anti-nausea. Better safe than sorry!

The sunburns

Only a few months of the year to enjoy the sun. Nothing surprising if it is abused, especially during tanning sessions by the seas. Results: due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, one catches a nasty sunburn. And this even if you have meticulously spread your body with sun protection. I hate sunburn because apart from being painful and itchy, it’s also very unsightly.

The epidermis must be relieved from the first symptoms

Minor ailments.

Namely abnormally red and irritated skin, without further delay. To do this, I sprinkle the area with cold water and then apply slices of fresh tomatoes. Alternatively, one can also use tea bags mistaken in ice water. When the irritation begins to subside, I prepare a little honey and aloe vera mixture for external application. The ideal would be to use the plant, but failing that, a gel sold in an organic store will do very well.

Insect bites

While frolicking in nature, one is not immune to an attack by insects. And unfortunately, no one escapes it. But excellent news, there are many remedies from grandmother to naturally treat these minor ailments. The trick is to act very quickly. So, if you have had bad encounters with bees or wasps, immediately have the reflex to remove the stinger, to prevent the spread of the venom in the body.

To succeed in this operation, I gently scratch the pricked part with my fingernail. Then I press the area with my thumbs to bring out the stinger, which I remove using tweezers. Then I wash the wound with plenty of water, and for half an hour. Minor ailments I cover with ice cubes wrapped in a clean cloth to calm the pain. Do not forget to coat the skin with light sweet almond oil, as the cold can burn the skin.

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