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How to win your baby’s trust: A step-by-step guide

Many parents find it difficult to gain their baby’s trust. Most will turn to books, websites and even friends for advice on how to bond with their child. Unfortunately, much of the advice available is conflicting, probably because there are no two babies exactly alike; what works for one may not work for another. However, there are commonalities all children share that can be used as a foundation for bonding with your infant. With these things in mind, here are six simple steps by AloeMaa to help you bond with your baby:

Step 1: Eye contact

Make firm eye contact; infants love this sort of connection with their parents. It’s important not to stare intensely at them all the time though; they don’t like that. Also, don’t be afraid to blink; they will love the bond you are creating with them. Finally, for this step, try not to blink incessantly or your child may think it’s some sort of new game

Step 2: Smiling 

It has been scientifically proven that smiling makes babies happy so of course you want to smile at your baby often. However, keep in mind what I mentioned above about staring intensely at them all the time; smiling is enough for right now.

Step 3: Talking softly and slowly

Your baby still isn’t able to talk yet but they can definitely hear you when you do! Make sure you speak softly and slowly while making eye contact with the baby throughout the conversation/caress. This way, they will know that whatever you’re saying is directly meant for them.

Step 4: Showing affection

Your baby may not have a clue what your kisses mean just yet but I can guarantee he/she definitely won’t mind receiving them anyway! In addition to hugs and cuddles, there are other great ways to show affection towards your baby to ensure the bond between the two of you becomes stronger over time.

Step 5: Keeping calm

As much as possible, it’s important to keep yourself calm around your baby so they don’t pick up any negative vibes from their mother right now. Save all those deep breaths and anger management classes for later. Babies mimic people so if someone around them is angry, they’ll become just as frustrated too.

Step 6: Loving support

It’s always best to have an extra pair of arms around when you’re at home with your baby so if your partner or another family member can lend a hand, then let them. If not, hire in some help! It may cost you but it will be worth it in the long run especially when babies require constant care and attention. Note: When hiring help, make sure they are fully qualified for the job! Otherwise, it might be hard to trust someone who isn’t even capable of changing their own diaper properly.

Step 7: Developing patience

Babies aren’t exactly the easiest of to understand. They cry for seemingly no reason and sometimes just can’t be soothed. But you have to remember, they’re going through a lot right now – their little bodies are getting used to being outside their mother’s womb and the environment is very different from what they were used to so give it time. They’ll eventually get accustomed to things!

Step 8: Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is something that brings mothers closer with their babies as hormones are released when doing this which helps form an emotional bond between them both. Not only does it enhance feelings but also provides essential nutrients that keep your baby healthy. The NHS suggests mothers try breastfeeding for at least the first couple of months as not only will they feel fulfilled, but confident knowing your baby is receiving all the right nutrients to stay healthy.


We hope you found this blog useful. Let us know in the comments if you have any queries. 


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