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How will 5G improve OTT Streaming Service?

A user watching video online looks for buffer-free video and high-quality video content streaming. Newly arising 5G technology is set to take OTT streaming services to the next level. Most mobile users spend time watching videos online. 5G technology will open doors for new OTT streaming services. 5G technology makes way for low latency video streaming, faster download speed, and OTT users can put a full stop to buffering. This blog will talk about the benefits and how 5G will improve OTT streaming services in the long run. 

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks. It is 100 times faster than the previous 4 G technology. It delivers faster data speeds up to 20 Gbps, lower latency, more reliability, improved capacity, and provides a better user experience. 5G technology connects everyone virtually and improves the performance of various business applications in industries such as healthcare, automobile, online gaming, video streaming, and traffic systems. 5G will bring landline speed to mobile devices. It provides more bandwidth, which means faster download and upload speed.

We live in a world where newer technologies and things are created to make human life easier. 5G technology with faster internet connections can revolutionize existing applications to deliver better results. 5G technology allows networks to handle many connected devices as it possesses a higher connection density. 

Advantages of 5G in OTT streaming Service 

5G technology is there to make revolutionary changes in the world of video streaming because of its data network capacity and faster and more reliable internet connection. Here is a list of benefits that 5G can bring out in OTT streaming service 

Ultra Lower latency

 with 5G, you can send and receive video data in less than one millisecond. In streaming, digital articles will able to replicate real-time interactions. It helps in enabling certain applications to perform at higher efficiency, such as VR, virtual healthcare, remote surgery, and other military applications. 

Improved and reliable Cellular coverage

5G using various bands to provide bandwidth excess of 1GHz. 5G will provide more consistent and reliable cellular coverage indoors and outdoors. It provides a better viewing experience for multiple users watching videos on OTT simultaneously. 

Extended global reach

5G enables faster delivery of video content to a user without any delay and deterioration in video quality. Telecom networks can expand their networks to remote areas and get connected to acquire new users from remote areas. 

Better mobile experience

5G provides a bandwidth of more than 1GHz. It enables advanced streaming capabilities to mobile devices like AR, VR, AI, and online gaming. It will pave the way for streaming to be used in various applications through mobiles. 

Increased capacity 

It is designed to support a rapid increase in traffic capacity (100x)

Increases battery efficiency

5G technology allows users to watch live stream video from poor network areas. It provides coverage improvements where computer resource usage is reduced when watching a video, thereby preventing a faster battery life drain. 

Impact of 5G on Video streaming 

5G technology with faster and reliable internet connectivity will ensure a seamless live streaming experience without any buffering and lag. 5G with bandwidth over 1GHz will be a big advantage for both live streaming and video on demand with its faster speed, higher bandwidth, and low latency. Mobile streaming will be faster and smoother with 5G technology. 

5G supercharged with faster connectivity helps in delivering video content at 4k quality with ease on mobile devices. In terms of user experience, OTT streaming services often suffer from the quality of video content they deliver to end-users due to variation in demand for video content and the number of users. 5G networks easily deliver video content of higher quality to multiple devices simultaneously. When it comes to video scalability, 5G can deliver bandwidth up to 10 times stronger per base station. It means you will get more bandwidth in highly dense areas like a stadium and live concerts.


Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart environment

 5G will lead to many innovations across different industries and devices requiring low latency internet connections. It will lead to the development of the smart home device. Self-driving vehicles, sensors, drones, and traffic signals where everything will be interconnected. 5G is going to unleash the full potential of our IoT. In the near future, IoT will be in every aspect of our life. For example, you will use your smartwatch to check your home door camera. 

Virtual Healthcare  

Remote healthcare capabilities come into mind when talking about 5G. Remote patient monitoring and long-distance endoscopy have been possible with 5G as it has taken medical practices to the rural population. Internet of medical things (IoMT) and Virtual reality surgeries will be soon in practice in the coming years.

AR and VR

we know that VR is quite laggy, and with 5G, it will improve its adoption to open huge opportunities in live streaming. With 5G enabled VR, users can see a virtual home tour using a 360-degree headset without visiting the actual location. 5G offers connectivity for real-time interaction with AR and VR streaming. 5G opens education, construction, and healthcare opportunities to leverage AR/VR streaming technology.

Remote Operations 

Agriculture, Manufacturing, and warehousing activities can use robots and remote-controlled machinery leveraging streaming devices to improve work efficiency. 

Remote Productions 

From the broadcaster side, producers will use drones to capture the footage, and news reporters will be able to respond to breaking news immediately with 5G connected devices. This would improve work efficiency with AI-enabled cameras and other devices. 5G will literally change the normal workflow of live video streaming from the initial stage of creation, storage, distribution, and consumption.  


5G offers faster internet connection and massive network capacity, thereby providing more bandwidth per user resulting in a seamless viewing experience. 5G will provide video and cable providers with more opportunities to expand their reach. OTT streaming service will be able to provide high-quality video streaming experiences on any device, including mobiles with 5G-enabled encoders. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog regarding how 5G will improve OTT streaming service in the near future. 

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