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How You Can Backup The Data From Synology NAS

Storage Device?

There are many storage devices available on the market with an affordable price range. Sometimes using the computer to store data is not enough. Then there is a device called Synology NAS storage device which can store TBs of data. The Synology Diskstation DS218 is a storage device. It is a versatile 2 bay storage device suitable for small offices and homes. Ethernet ports with a fast quad-core processor allow you to share data in a speedy and secure way. A cloud storage feature allows you to access the data from anywhere without any hassle. Almost 2.48 accounts can be linked to extract the data stored in this device. You can connect external devices such as laptops with the help of USB ports. With a multimedia server, low-quality videos can be converted into HD using video stations and DS video from the system device. It is a power-saving device as its adapter is only 60W. It supports most of the RAID such as Hybrid RAID as well as RAID0 and 1, which offers high-quality performance. You can find synology devices are easily on shopping platforms.

Hardware Installation Guide For Synology NAS Storage Device

Open the shipment box and take out your storage device, AC power cords, USB cable, disk, screwdrivers, and user manual; safely. Read all the instructions mentioned in the user manual before going to install this storage device. Rake a screwdriver and remove the nuts from the front. Take out the front panel of the device and then remove the drive tray by pulling the handle towards you. Place the drive after removing all the nuts from both sides. Set the net as it comes using a screwdriver. Set the tray onto the drive bay by pushing against you. Follow the above procedure to set all other drives. Now place the front panel of the device. That’s it, you successfully installed the drive in this storage device and it is ready for setup. 

Now we are gonna explain the procedure to do the Synology setup and installing the DSM using a web assistant.

Setup Procedure For Synology NAS Storage Device

Connect one end of your LAN cable with a router and another end with a LAN port available on the back of the storage device. Connect the adapter at the back of the device indicating the power port. Using an AC power cord, connect to the AC adapter and to your AC socket. To start your storage device, hold the On/off button. Connect your NAS device using an ethernet cable or WiFi to your computer. After successfully connecting, type find synology nas in the search box of the web browser. Ensure that your NAS storage device and your system device are connected to the same router. The web assistant automatically detects the device when you open a web browser. Click on the connect option. Now follow the instructions mentioned on the screen. You can log in with the Synology account if you mistakenly leave the installation procedure.

Now we are gonna explain the procedure to backup your data using the Synology device.

How You Can Backup The Data From Synology NAS Storage Device

After completing the setup as we mentioned above, sign in to DSM. Click on the backup and restore option available at the top, then choose a backup. Choose data backup tasks under the create option. After that, you will see a backup wizard option. Now choose the network backup option and click next. A new popup with a backup destination will open. Enter the server, password, etc, and choose the next option. Click on the blank box to tick both the backup schedule and backup immediately option. Hit the Apply option to restore all the data.


It is a very good storage device. I have been using this device for the last 3 months for my office, and it is working pretty well. Even computers are not able to store, but this NAS device can. You can do the setup simply by visiting find.synology. Cloud storage allows you to store and backup your data easily from anywhere. It is an energy-efficient device as it has a very low power consumption which saves your money. Overall, a good storage device to keep your data safe and secure. I must recommend all the users to purchase this product.

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