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Insights Into Workflow Of Uber For Courier App And Total Cost Estimation!

Uber has started to spread to different verticals and revolutionized the on-demand industry. Its business model is common for almost every delivery app. There was a time when ecommerce and food/grocery delivery apps were a boom. But, here comes a time when the courier delivery business has started to flourish. The aspiring young entrepreneurs can start a courier delivery service business instantly, opt for the Uber for courier app. If you are the one, this blog will guide you through its workflow and development cost.

Courier delivery apps market – Its Captivating Stats

  • The sales and revenue of courier delivery increased considerably in the year 2020 when compared to previous years. Its sales hit over $12.6 billion with a growth rate of 12%.
  • As per a recent report, there is an estimation that the global courier delivery sector will increase at a rate of 5.77% between 2018 and 2022.
  • Furthermore, there is a prediction that this sector will reach $400 billion by the end of 2024. Another report shows that this sector’s net worth would reach $824.9 billion by 2023.

These stats symbolize that there will be an inordinate opportunity for entrepreneurs to plunge into the courier delivery service market with their apps.

A typical workflow of the Uber for courier app

The Uber for courier app comprises a User app, Delivery driver app, and an Admin panel. These panels’ functionality differs depending on the inclusion of features. Here is the general workflow.

The functionality of the user segment:

  • The users who need to avail of courier services have to sign up for the app with the required details. For that, they have to employ their operational email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Regardless, they can make use of their existing social media credentials to complete the registration.
  • After that, the shippers or users have to specify their current address and pickup location. Once done, the nearby delivery driver will be assigned.
  • Despite this, shippers have the option to choose the vehicle based on the quantity of packages to be delivered.
  • Upon completion, the shippers can track the real-time location of the delivery driver. And so, they will be aware of when the delivery person will reach their current location.
  • When the on-demand courier delivery app prompts for payment, shippers can either choose the digital payment modes or cash payment.
  • Finally, shippers can leave their ratings for the services on a scale of 1-5.

The functionality of the delivery personnel segment:

  • Similar to shippers, delivery drivers have to finish the signup process with their email addresses. Besides this, they have to provide the necessary documents for verification. It also includes updating of licenses.
  • In addition to this, they should add their bank account details. The app supports the addition of multiple bank details, but they have to specify the primary account for payments.
  • After verification, the delivery drivers will be labeled as courier delivery personnel and will get real-time requests from shippers nearby to them, i.e., within a particular time.
  • When the delivery drivers get requests, they have the option to either accept or decline the requests according to their time of availability.
  • If the concerned delivery drivers do not accept the requests, the requests will be passed on to the other nearby ones.
  • Once the request has been accepted, the courier delivery person has to reach the shippers’ current location to collect the package.
  • As the Uber like courier delivery app is encompassed with GPS, they can view the optimized route, which is shortest and devoid of traffic. With this, they can reach the destination location to hand over the courier to the respective person within the stipulated time.
  • Upon delivering the package, they will receive the payment for the same. The earnings report feature incorporated in the app will facilitate them to keep track of their payments

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The functionality of the admin panel:

  • The platform owner is responsible for viewing and managing the entire business operations or app’s performance seamlessly.
  • It includes the payments and requests management. The dashboard will allow the admin to know the real-time updates on how the app is performing.
  • Based on the analysis, the admin can make required tweaks for making your app perform better.
  • Moreover, the admin is responsible for approving the verification of delivery personnel and permitting them to accept requests through the app.

Total cost estimation of courier delivery app development

The cost of courier delivery app development is a variable element. That is, it is not a constant one as it will vary based on the individual business needs. There are numerous facets that will influence the cost are listed below.

  • Features set integration & functionality
  • Complexity and size of the app
  • The technology stack used for development
  • App developers you hire or company you choose

Apart from these factors, creating a courier delivery app from scratch would cost a lot. On the counterpart, opting for a pre-built app would be available at a nominal cost. On a short note, predicting the app development cost without knowing your app requirements is not possible. It would be better to approach a company and get a quote for your requirements.

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Ending thoughts

Today’s generation relies on on-demand apps to fulfill their needs. One significant demand for them is sending couriers or parcels. For this, they prefer Uber for Courier app. The craze for such apps is skyrocketing, and so entrepreneurs plan to plunge into this profitable sector. Why can’t you take a chance? Go ahead with developing an on-demand courier delivery app.

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