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Instantly Review the settings of The Nexxt WiFi Range Extender

The Nexxt WiFi Range Extender is in one solution and works as a signal booster wifi extender. It can be your router, repeater, and access point as well. It helps to expand the signal range of the wireless network and also eliminates the dead zone areas by covering hard-to-reach areas of your house. The strong and powerful Nexxt wifi extender is simple to set up. Also, it offers wireless N technology which helps to deliver a wireless speed of up to 300 Mbps high speed. It works as a WiFi router and boosts up the speed of your current WiFi network.

The Nexxt WiFi Range Extender comes in a wall-mounted design that is easy to install and can be conveniently placed at any place in the house. The Nexxt router setup is also easy and simple as well with the help of the push button. Simply plug into the wall and ready access the full internet coverage throughout your house.

Installation of the Nexxt WiFi Range Extender

The Nexxt WiFi Range Extender is designed to provide a WiFi transmission speed of up to 300 Mbps which you can expand easily without the additional wires. You should locate the extender at that place where the speed can’t be disturbed by any unwanted material. Place your extender away from the ceiling walls, large metal objects, and many more that interrupt the range of the WiFi connection. Here are some of the suggestions that help you out to find the best location for your extender with some basic setup steps.

Preceding points that you should adopt before setting up your extender.

Before you proceed with the Nexxt extender setup, keep some major points in your mind that help you to find the best location for your extender. So that you get reliable wifi speed. Ensure that you have carefully paired the ethernet cable with the router. Also, make sure that you have a working internet connection. If you don’t have a reliable internet connection that will interrupt you again and again. Try to avoid connecting many devices to the same wall outlet. Also, try to avoid the use of the power strip to protect your connectivity problem. If you use the power strip for your extender it will affect the performance of the extender.

Setup of the Nexxt extender with the help of the Instant push button

Using the push button to set up your extender is the most convenient and also user-friendly. So this process is recommended to every user.
So first of all, press the extender button that is on the front of the device. Press that button for 2-3 seconds. The LED of the extender starts blinking after you start the extender. Now the extender automatically tries to connect the available wireless device such as PC or laptop. Now wait for a few minutes and then press the WPS button of the router and follow the manual instructions that came along with the product. When you see the extender glows the solid green LED light it indicates that the extender is successfully connected to your repeater or access point. Now you can follow the on-screen guidelines properly for the proper setup using the WPS button.

Setup of the Nexxt extender with the help of the Web Interface

The kronos301 setup requires the implementation of the configuration process. First of all, connect your PC to your wireless extender with the help of the available ethernet cable. Now plug the wire into the power outlet. Now open the web browser on your computer and type re.nexxtsolutions.com in the address bar. If the site doesn’t work then you can also use the IP address instead of using the site. Now, on your web screen, you are able to see the login page in which you have to enter your details. Your default password is admin and then click the OK button to continue the next process.

Place your router

Now click on the scan button and select your wireless network device which you want to extend. After that place your router and the extender at your desired place. But ensure that you should get enough wifi speed to run the device.
Now a window appears on your web screen, you have to click on the OK button to confirm the settings. After that enter the wifi password in the security key field and verify that channel too by matching the security settings and hit on the save button.
In the end, the wireless extender will automatically start rebooting to enable the configuration process. When the rebooting completes, you will get instant internet access so that you can use the internet connection wired or wireless. It’s your preferred choice.

The Nexxt WiFi Range Extender Review

The setup of the Nexxt WiFi Extender is not so much easier but it provides strong wifi coverage. The firmware of the extender is easy to find and it doesn’t take too much time. You will not get any distance problems with its range and speed. Overall it is a good extender that offers parental control technology which is quite good and astonishing. After setting up, you can easily manage the settings and monitor the activities of your wifi connection. It is not a tech-savvy product, you can easily install the extender by reading the manual carefully.

Final words

Overall the Nexxt extender is a good product. The signal can reach the wider area and provide easy access to the users. It establishes a solid and reliable wifi connection and a perfect solution to eliminate the dead spots from your house. Also, it helps to reduce the roaming access between your extender and the access point. It can be simply integrated with the repeater, wireless router, and access points to increase the speed of the extender.

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