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Is It Difficult to Learn to Develop Apps?

Is It Difficult to Learn to Develop Apps?

In an increasingly digital context, the ability to carry out the development of an app is a skill increasingly sought after. More and more companies are betting on mobile phones. In this sense, having specialized training in the sector will be a great differential value.

Development of an app, a booming sector

The apps are among the products most in demand today. According to AppBrain data, there are currently more than three million apps worldwide on Google Play alone. A 2020 study by Yi Min Shum reveals that users spend up to three hours and 40 minutes a day on apps. At this time, most are dedicated to messaging and social networks. In the last quarter of 2020, data consumption also grew. It was 12% and reached 7.2 GB per month.

At the same time that the consumption of apps has evolved, so has its complexity. There are different stages that must be met in each project in the development of an app. Initially, you must carry out a planning of everything you need and the scope that it will have. Once you have this clear, you must develop a concrete work schedule.

After the initial stage, it is time to design the app. You will carry out a visual proposal of the main screens of the application. Later, you will have to dedicate yourself to all the flows and secondary screens. This moment is of enormous importance. A bricklayer needs a good architect for the final product to be good. In this case, the developer requires a good designer. When developing the app, you will program everything designed previously.

Find out how much an app developer in World earns on average

Once the process is finished, you can carry out a test. A series of functional tests are carried out that allow us to review the operation of the application. In this way, possible errors are detected that can be corrected before publication. Once everything is ready, you can launch it in the store!

Did you know that the time of publication of the app in Google Play and the App Store varies? In Google, it takes 24 hours, while in Apple it can be three days. The same goes for subsequent updates. Previously, it will be necessary for you to sign all the necessary documentation.

Because the software industry is constantly evolving, maintenance is important. Don’t forget that new models are constantly being launched in the mobile phone industry. This requires adapting the app to each of the devices. At the same time, the policies and conditions of the stores are also updated. For this reason, it is recommended that each app have semi-annual maintenance.

The average salary for an app developer is really attractive. Especially if you have specialized training like that of RetroCube. In Madrid and Barcelona is where most of the job offers are concentrated. A junior profile with up to two years of experience earns 33,000 euros gross per year. An average profile of between two and five years of experience, between $ 39,000 and $ 40,000. Finally, a senior has a salary that amounts to 48,000 dollars gross per year.

Learn how to create an application

Do you want to learn how to create and develop an app from scratch? In our Master in Development and Design of Apps for Android and iOS, you will have the opportunity. You will assimilate all the concepts related to mobile analytics, usability, or user experience. In addition, you will be able to delve into all the techniques for creating prototypes and mockups. The ultimate goal is to bring the best experience to your app.

Why train at RETROCUBE

In our training program, you can learn about the main techniques and tools on the market. In addition, we delve into each of the types of apps that currently exist. It is important so that you can face each of the projects with all the skills. This master has a great job opportunity. In fact, in recent years, job openings have increased tenfold.

The differential value that we bring you at RETROCUBE lies in our academic methodology. Did you know that we have Google and iOS certifications? This means that two of the main technological giants accredit our knowledge in the sector. We are committed to mostly practical training when creating an application. We want that when you leave the master you are perfectly qualified to work. We like to innovate and be connected with the professional world.

If you want to expand your knowledge in the development of an app, at RETROCUBE you have a school where you can train properly. You will get all the knowledge and skills you need. Sign up for our master’s degree and access the job market much more prepared. In this way, you will be able to satisfy all the needs that companies may have.

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