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Is Your Rent To Own House Contract Going To End This Year?

Let's Plan Renovation!

People living in rent to own houses can understand the hassle they have to go through whenever a plumbing issue arises, or when the roof starts to leak and you frequently have to call the landlord for yearly maintenance. But the happiness of getting your house renovated after the contract end, is something that one cannot give words to. Therefore, we have carefully crafted this article to help all those people who are looking for budget-friendly ways to renovate the rent to own houses.

Ideas to Renovate Rent to own houses in Budget

While living in a rent to own home, a person came to know so many flaws and the thing that the home inspection report fails to highlight e.g frequent gutter clogging, low water pressure, or how noisy the garage gate can get in winters. And, the worst thing is you cannot ask the landlord for frequent maintenance because you are bound to adhere to the clause of home improvement. Since the contract is about to end and you have some money, then it’s time to renovate, of course finding the right budget-friendly renovation ideas is hard to find, and we have done the legwork for you, take a look at the list below:

1. Install Home Security System

The first thing you can do is install a new security system. Well, using the old security system that was used by your landlord is not a viable solution because you have no idea how many people have access to or know the blind spot. Therefore, investing money in a new security system will give you a sense of security and satisfaction in owning a house.

2. Create Home Office Space

The next thing that we have on our list of recommendations is ‘installing an office space.’ Since we are surrounded by the pandemic and things are still not clear when will this be over. Therefore, investing money in creating an office should be on your list. For this, you won’t need such a thing, you can start with chipboard walls or install an automatic room separator. In addition to this, you can look into an office plant to make the place lively.

3. Cabinet Doors & Nobe Replacement

Since things are not clear whether you are going to buy the house that you leased or not, therefore, the landlord doesn’t invest much effort in upgrading the house. As a result, you have to live with the old cabinets. So, another budget-friendly tip we have for you is changing the door of your kitchen cabinets, entrance door, along with the knobs. In addition to this, we will recommend you to change the paint as well. Once you are done, you will feel a significant difference in the look and feel of your house.

4. Replace Wall Paint & Wallpaper

At some point in life, every house owner decides to renovate the house, mainly because it is cheaper than buying a new one. So, if you are in that position then going for whole-house painting is a cost-efficient solution. Moreover, it gives you the liberty to experiment with the colors and install wallpapers which you were not able to install because of the strict contract clause. Not anymore, right?

5. Floor Tile Restoration Or Flooring Upgrade

Apart from cabinet doors and wall paints, there is another thing you can do to update the look and feel of your new house, simply by either restoring the existing tile or by replacing the floor altogether. And the best part is if you can’t afford the wooden floor then you can opt for laminate flooring. It requires less budget and it offers more durability than other floorings.

6. Fixture & Lighting Upgrade

Another budget-friendly solution is to change the fixture and lighting of your house. Well, this minor change will not only improve the experience but will also add the layer of sophistication that you admired in celebrities’ houses.

7. Landscaping & Pressure Wash

The last tip we have upon our sleeve is to upgrade the exterior of your house. Since it is the first thing that people see when they visit your house, therefore it requires more and immediate attention. And, you will be surprised to know that there are lots of budget-friendly options that you can opt for. Our personal favorites include Framed Bocce Court, Fig Ivy Canopy, mid garden dining area, installing multi-levels, or you can simply go with modern foundations. Well, there are many other options you can go for and the cost of hiring a landscape expert is highly budget-friendly.

Parting Words

‘Rent to own houses’ program gives hope to the renter that they can live in a self-owned house, even if they don’t qualify for the mortgage. But, to buy the house you have to agree to the strict renovation and upgrade clauses. It is usually there to save the landlord’s effort since the rentee is given the freedom to opt-out of the contract. However, there are people who are waiting to redesign the house as soon as the contract end. And, there are a few budget-friendly ways that you can opt for such as applying fresh paint or landscaping.

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