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Islamic Gifts for Men and Women

One of the nicer manners is giving a gift to each other; it makes a relationship pleasant and beautiful between two people. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ask his ummah to give gifts to each other. He used to accept gifts in the shape of love and then also gave them in return. Exchanging gifts with each other is always a sweet gesture of love towards each other. Gifts like Islamic hats for men and hijab for women are best.

Different kind of Islamic Hats for Men

Kufis is the type of traditional cap for Muslim men. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to cover his head normally and especially during the prayer. Every Muslim man should practice it. Muslim men cover their heads five times a day during the daily prayers. Some caps are small in size and round in shape, they can be in different colors but in Arab countries, they are used to wear white traditional keffiyeh. But Some Shia and Sunni Muslims cover a turban around the cap, which is called an iqamah in Arabic, it looks like an Arabic headscarf, and the U.S and Britain Muslims call caps, kufi hat. Each country or region in the world has its different kind of way of covering the head.

Sunnah to wear an Islamic Hat for Men

Sunnah is basically any act which was done by over beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and many of his friends used to do, and we can also take it as an order given by him, also somebody did something good in front of him and he appreciates it, including in Sunnah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always used to keep the cap on his head; nobody had seen him without it. So basically every Muslim man should wear the cap because of the following reasons:

It’s Sunnah to wear a cap, to follow the pathway of

  • our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  • It helps us to protect from the sun heat
  • This act provides safety and protection to our hair from harmful particles of sand

When your wear a cap for praying, it’s a sign of love and respect towards the final messenger and forgiveness, helplessness in front of Allah.

Ideas of Islamic Gifts for Men

If your husband is a true lover and follower of Islam, giving a good gift to someone precious to you is always fun. Every individual is special and different in his/her way. To select a good gift for your loved one you must have to invest proper time and effort. Gifts are the reflection of your strong relationship with each other. Your gift should be useful and interesting. Your gift is a reflection of kindness and love. Here is the list of Islamic gifts for men:

  • A new and nicer piece of kurta and pajama
  • Comfortable and beautiful prayer rug
  • If he is a traveler you can gift him an azan watch
  • Silver-plated, metallic Islamic bookmark is also a good gift
  • Holy Book Stand and Quran
  • If he is a beard lover then you can gift him an organic beard oil
  • Car Hangings of Allah and Muhammad (PBUH)
  • Scale model for Kaaba

This kind of gift shows the level of affection, love, and respect in your relationship

Importance of Covering Head for the woman in Islam

“Tell the believing a woman to draw their headscarves over their chest” [Quran 24:31]

This verse loudly makes it clear that every woman has not only to cover her head but also another specific area of the body too. It’s an order for a woman to cover her hair in public points.

It is important to remember that if you are wearing a hijab that doesn’t mean now you are out of class and fashion or you have no beauty anymore, it looks more beautiful than the head without hijab. The benefits of wearing hijab are following:

  • A hijab helps you to keep your hair clean and healthy, shinny
  • Protect you from dirt and harmful particles in the wind

 Islamic Gifts for women

  • Beautiful and different colors of hijab headscarves
  • Abaya
  • Quran and other Islamic books
  • Paternoster
  • Islamic rings and pendants with the name of Allah and Prophet (PUBH)
  • Prayer Rugs
  • Islamic hand bracelets
Exchanges of Islamic gifts on different occasions

When you give a gift to each other on some special occasion it removes any bad feeling from both person’s hearts, our beloved Prophet (PBUH) said that,

“Give gifts, for indeed gifts removes bad feeling from the chest. Do not let a person look down upon (the gifts given by his or) her neighbor, even if it be a sheepshank.” – Tirmizi

We should give gifts to people or children that don’t have a family, it’s a feeling of affection and love and it’s a form of charity, in this way God will be happy. We should never reject any gift whether it’s good or not, it can hurt the emotions of another person. According to Abdullah bin Omar report, the Prophet (PBUH) said that,

“There are three things which, particularly, should not be refused: a pillow, oil (used for applying to hair, etc.) and milk.” – Tirmizi 

We can give gifts to each other on different occasions like:

  • Eid
  •  Islamic Wedding gifts for weddings
  • The arrival of a newborn
  • Birthdays
  • Congratulation gift to someone on his/her success

Husband and wife can exchange any Islamic gift at their wedding, it will increase the love and affection between them and if they are happy with each other, Allah will be happy to them. Quran is the best gift to give if he or she reading it out, every time you will also get the praise of Allah.


We should exchange gifts with each other to make our relationships stronger. Islamic gifts are always a wonderful idea, giving Islamic gifts makes us closer to Allah. To keep your heart clean and away from illness, go and give a wonderful gift to your loved one. Don’t waste your money on useless things always give useful gifts.

Every gift should have some purpose. Islamic gift keeps you close to Allah and the person you are giving to it and don’t forget to send Islamic gift to any charity foundation. Especially a woman is the great partner of man in his every up and down, she gives her heart and soul just to make man happy, So the best way to win your wife’s heart, gift her something unique and beautiful. The gift is a beautiful memory that is why always choose your gift wisely and through a good gift website like gift Islamic you can get every kind of Islamic gift for each other, online shopping will help you to save your time and extra money too.

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