Legal Metrology Consultancy: The Services they provide

People don’t think much of the Legal Metrology Department. To this day, many of them believe that overseeing the standards of weights and measuring products is the one and only concern of this government body. Are they wrong?

The answer to this question is quite complicated.

Yes, it’s the primary task of the Legal Metrology Department to oversee the standards of the weights and measuring products. However, it’s the impact of this regulation that counts. The impact that people have witnessed ever since the standard Legal metrology acts went through several changes in recent times.

It revealed two things:

  1. The Department is not ONLY concerned with the weights and measuring products, and
  2. The licenses that the department issues are the most important in India.

So you see, when it comes to the services that come under Legal Metrology Consultancy, they are the ones you must heed.

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Model Approval: Approval for an imported or a manufactured weights & Measuring Product

Model Approval is issued as per Section 22 of the Legal Metrology Act. In simple terms, the statement it provides means the following:

Weights and measuring products that are either manufactured or imported can only reach the consumer only after they have the Model Approval.

Importer License:  License to Import Weights, measurements and Other Products

In addition to the model approval, importer of a weights and measuring product must also acquire an importer license from the Legal Metrology Department. It allows the importer to meet the requirements at the customs office and actually import the said product in India.

To many, it’s an additional hassle that serves no purpose other than encumbering importers with additional regulatory requirement. And they are right. However, without the importer license, chances that nefarious elements could swap the products are high. With the importer license, the importer has a chance to deal with such incursion.

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Dealer License: License to Deal in Weights and measuring products

Legal Metrology Department defines a dealer as an entity that procures and solicits in weights and measuring products either directly or indirectly. A dealer too has to operate as per the Legal Metrology Standards which means only after acquiring the Dealer License. Legal Metrology Consultants provide end to end assistance to entities that seek this registration.

Packer License: License to put the right labels on the product

Ever packer, be it an importer or a manufacturer, has to adhere to strict regulatory standards as per Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Act, when putting labels on the product’s package. In short, the importer or the manufacturer must obtain the Packer License from the Legal Metrology Department.

Import Registration: To import all types of packaged products

In addition to getting the IEC code from the DGFT, the importers of all types of packaged products must also procure import registration from the Legal Metrology Department. The legal metrology consultants give you complete support in this regard. They provide you with facilities that range from application filing to department follow-up.

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Legal Metrology Department have constituted several laws to govern the regulatory standards of the weights & measuring products and the standards of the information put on the product’s packages. Understanding all of them is not a task that you can take lightly. That’s why, it’s prudent to consult with a Legal Metrology Consultancy. They can provide you complete assistance in regards to your legal metrology requirements.

For more information, be sure to consult with our experts.

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