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List of 9 Best Areas to live in London City in 2022

The world counts London in the list of its most famous cities. London is best whether you want to live there or set up your business. It has a beautiful social life that never becomes boring for anyone. Whether it’s day or night, you always have various entertainment options to choose from. You find Clubs, music concerts, parks, museums, galleries, restaurants, cafes and much more there. London is famous for its music concerts. London has an infrastructure that gives it a touch of ancient times and a modern lifestyle.

9 Best Areas in London

Below we will discuss nine areas in London you can live in 2022.

1. Brixton

It is a district in the South of London. It’s not a London area. However, it’s not very far from London. The distance between both places is 4.3 km, which is quite easy to cover. So, you can live in Brixton while going to London daily. Brixton has many ethnicities living in it. So, if you are a foreigner living there, you might find someone from your place to be friends with. We listed it at the top as living in Brixton is affordable compared to other places.

If you like this area or any other and want Apartments to buy in London, you can reach out to a real estate agency in London. These agencies nowadays also offer online services.

2. Angel

According to real estate experts, Angel is suitable for young people. It has lots of good cafes and restaurants and places to hang out. The shopping centers and markets would attract you too. It also has peaceful places to enjoy alone time sitting alongside waters. However, the crime rate in Angel is high.

3. Fulham

If you love following trends and are an enthusiast shopper, you will like Fulham. Fulham is very famous for its shopping centers and marketplace. However, it’s also a good residential area. It also gives you a village-type feel. So, if you want to live in the city and enjoy a village’s atmosphere, you can try Fulham. It is costlier than the above two places we discussed; however, it’s a good place if you have a reasonable budget.

4. Richmond

Richmond is ideal for people who live with families. That’s why it is also more expensive to live in Richmond than other areas we discussed up till now. It also gives you a family area look. It has lots of homes built surrounded by greenery and gardens. Richmond has beautifully designed streets. You can find everything that a family could require living, such as a good train station facility.

5. Islington

Islington is an expensive city. But at the same time, it is ideal for students, according to expert real estate agents. How does that make sense? Well, most universities in London are near the North River. Therefore, it becomes easy for them to easily travel to universities and home.

Moreover, students live on home-sharing, and that’s how they can afford to live in Islington by dividing the house rent. It also has excellent restaurants, bars, cafes, and clubs. Students will get a pretty good life there. So, no one would get frustrated and run out of activities when you live in Islington.

6. Wood Green

Wood green is another district on our list. It is a suburban place and has city things like great shopping centers, restaurants, and socializing places. It’s a great place for those who want to start their business on a medium to above average budget and prefer living in less crowded places than central parts of the big cities.

7. Ealing Broadway

If you have children, living in Ealing Broadway can be ideal for you. It has many parks, public places, and greenery with flowers, making it a family-oriented place. Moreover, it’s also good for families with children because of its safety. Ealing Broadway is famous for being on the list of top 20 safest cities in London. You can get a three-bedroom house there for £800,000.

8. Croydon

It is another suburban place in London. One pro of living in Croydon is that it won’t break your bank. It is near central London too if you have to go there for your job. You can get a train which will drop you there in less than twenty minutes. So, it’s an easy place to live. It has lots of supermarkets and shopping centers there as well. You will also like Croydon’s environment if you like living in less crowded and town-like places.

9. Peckham

Imagine walking on this street at night. How good would it look with all these shops, lights, and people walking around? It will give you a modern city look people would love. Peckham has a good nightlife as well. However, it is expensive to live there compared to other places.

Final Words

If you like living in tall buildings or you prefer living in other types of homes surrounded by greeneries, you get it in London. You get beautifully designed penthouses, bungalows, huts, and cottages of your choice in London. However, it is expensive to live in London.

But when you work there, it also pays you off well. People have excellent salaries in London. You don’t have to worry about excellent restaurants, cafes, and places to hang out in all the places we discussed. These places are everywhere. If you plan to shift to London, you can contact an online real estate agency to consult about the places you can live in there. That would make it easy to determine where you can live.

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