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Looking for a hygienic makeover? Noir salon aces the list!

Noir Salon in Punjabi Bagh offers best quality makeup to avoid any harm and keep the skin healthy. When you are willing for hygienic makeover, branded products are the only preference.

Makeup is found to be a major obsession among women. Makeup is an essential part of every woman’s life in the ancient or the contemporary world. It not only enhances the external beauty, but also acts as a confidence booster. The trends and styles have gradually changed, as earlier women were more focused on having any makeup that could augment their beauty with better complexion and perfect looks. However, in the present world, wearing makeup is not just about looking good, women are equally concerned about having a healthy skin post makeup.

Going along with the shift in focus, many salons have adapted to the demands and introduced premier quality makeup products. One leading the list is, Noir salon in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi. This premier salon offers the best quality makeup to avoid any harm and keep the skin healthy. When you are willing for hygienic makeover, branded products are the only preference.

Noir pampers you with its top notch beauty essentials, classy interiors, hygienic, spacious and clean surroundings, comfortable chairs and a skilled and cooperative team of makeup artists.

Salon Services

This premier salon provides an array of complete beauty solutions. Adhering to the latest and healthy makeup techniques and products to give your skin that perfect glow. All that comes without unrequired smudging and skin allergies. No matter how harsh the weather conditions are, Noir’s makeup services and quality products ensure that.

Its classic makeup services like, waterproof makeup, Airbrush and HD makeup allow for a perfect makeover for the day. If you are the bride-to-be or eager to have a noticeable glammed up party look, Noir salon in Punjabi Bagh is the answer to all your queries. The salon’s professional makeup artists like Indu Yadav and others make sure to provide you with the best offering that perfectly fits your kind of style, comfort and budget, to make it a memorable visit.

Makeup Tip – Steps to fill in your Eyebrows

Absolutely arched eyebrows are always in style. Follow the below-mentioned tips and remember always to Line, Fill and Blend. Here is an amazing tip for all fashion lovers:-

Line – Use make-up with a fine tip (retractile Brow Pencil) to line the highest of your eyebrow. First, find the start line of your eyebrow, to try and do therefore hold the pencil vertical to the bridge of your nose, right next to your nostril; mark that spot with the pencil. Then, mark the ending purpose by pivoting the pencil therefore it aligns with the outer corner of our eye. Connect the 2 dots with one lightweight, even line.

Fill – Begin at the tail of your eyebrow, and use short, feathery strokes to fill in your eyebrow. Make sure your strokes begin at the bottom of your eyebrow and move outward toward your temple for the foremost natural look.

Blend – Use a spoolie brush at a 45-degree angle to mix your pencil strokes into your natural hair.

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