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Lost car keys – 5 questions what to do

A few years ago, losing a car key was not an exciting affair. Take the spare key, open the vehicle and drive on. A new key may also have been copied. But as technology advances, this is nearly impossible. The keys are primarily coded and equipped with a transponder. Without the high-tech original, the car wouldn’t make a peep anymore. If the second key is still at home without the technology, the only option left is to apply for a new car key through the manufacturer or an authorized workshop. However, this is quite an expensive affair. Alternatively, you can also try a locksmith, who may have much cheaper production.

Should you open the car door yourself?

Before you choose the DIY-Yourself method to open the car, you should ask yourself whether this would make sense. On the one hand, the project is undoubtedly not easy for the layperson with modern vehicles. On the other hand, damage to the lock or other parts is not uncommon.

An opened car is of no use without the appropriately coded key since all modern vehicles are equipped with an immobilizer. And that can only be overcome with the transporter in the original key. If the key is possible even in the car, members of an automobile club can consider themselves lucky because they open the vehicle professionally and freely. In other cases, it is advisable to use a reputable locksmith in Tampa.

Can you locate a lost car key?

Unfortunately, this is not possible in principle. The car key only sends a signal to the vehicle when the corresponding button is pressed. As soon as the device is not activated, no transmission takes place. From a technical point of view, the key thus behaves passively, as it only reacts when the button is pressed and does not emit any signals of its own accord. It is therefore not possible to locate such car keys. However, if this has been retrofitted with a Bluetooth or GPS tag, there are legitimate hopes. The radius varies depending on the type of technology. The location via the key finder can be done using an app on the smartphone.

Does the insurance pay for a lost car key?

In principle, neither fully comprehensive nor partially comprehensive insurance covers the loss of a car key. The reason: As a rule, (gross) negligence is assumed, for example, if the key is lost from the trouser pocket. The companies only pay if the vehicle key is stolen and assume the cost of copying a new key. However, some companies offer additional tariffs in which the loss of the key is also secured. Anyone who has such a component included in their contract is optimally protected. In any case, however, it is imperative to avoid consequential damage. If the car’s key is lost, it should be parked in a safe place. Otherwise, the insurance cover can be omitted. It is advisable,

How much does a replacement key cost?

The cost of a replacement key depends on various factors, such as the year of manufacture of the vehicle and the make and model. All vehicles manufactured after 1998 are equipped with an immobilizer. It is only deactivated via the transponder in the key. The authorized dealers can pay very well for this technology because duplicating the key is associated with a not inconsiderable amount of effort. If you don’t need an electronic key, you can, of course, get away with it significantly cheaper at around 20 to 50 dollars.

Where can you have car keys duplicated?

On the one hand, there is the option of duplicating the car key at the authorized dealer. But it is also significantly cheaper. On the other hand, the locksmith should copy duplicate keys for vehicles with mechanical keys. However, simply duplicating a mechanical key is often not enough because the car will not run without reprogramming. Therefore, good service providers are also familiar with the new technology and can produce electronic car keys and keyless keys for almost all vehicle types. Various technical processes are used to make a visually appealing and functional copy.


If the car key is lost, the vehicle itself must first be secured not to be stolen later. The insurance company should also be informed of the loss, even if it only pays if additional tariffs have been agreed upon. Imitation at the authorized dealer is associated with intensive costs. A good locksmith Tampa also takes on this task at a much lower price. The service providers are familiar with the current technology and can produce adequate replacement keys.

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