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Massive Price Drop in iPhone SE After the Release of SE 3


Who doesn’t like to own an iPhone but usually price can be a massive hurdle to pursue this goal. But soon things will change when Apple will drop its prices of the iPhone SE 2020 model and make it more affordable for their Indian users. Let’s find out more about the price drop and Apple’s upcoming launch of the iPhone SE 3 5G.

The original price was dropped before Apple decided to discontinue it. We might see history repeating itself. Because Apple is dropping the price of the iPhone SE 2020 model. iPhone SE 3 5G is supposed to launch next month and consumers are eagerly waiting for it. But are you aware that right after the release of the iPhone SE 3 5G?

Apple will drop their older 2020 model prices. In the International market, the price drop will be below $200. So, therefore, the estimated price for the Indian market will be below Rs. 20,000. Where it will cost the users around Rs. 40,000. It’s been a long time since Apple launched an affordable iPhone so it was a long wait for iPhone lovers.

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Based on the latest Bloomberg report by Mark Gurman he confirmed after the spring event in march iPhone SE 2020 model will see a massive price drop. At the same event, Apple will confirm iPhone SE 3 5G will be their first affordable phone that comes with 5G connectivity and their second news will be regarding the iPhone SE 2020 4G variant’s massive price drop. The reason behind the price drop and launch of the affordable 5G iPhone is to attract more consumers who prefer reasonable price gadgets and make it easier for them to use Apple services.

It’s only been 2 years since the launch of the phone and during this time. Apple continues to drop the price of SE. But based on their recent decision the price of the iPhone SE 2020 model will be lower than Rs. 20,000. In the beginning, when the phone was launched it used to cost customers around Rs. 43,000. On multiple E-commerce websites, iPhone SE prices even dropped to Rs. 26,000. At present, you can purchase the mobile that comes with 64 GB of storage space at Rs. 30,000.

In India, this is the second time that an iPhone price lowered to this degree that now it is considered an affordable phone after the original. Flipkart used to run sales where they even sold the original iPhone SE at the price of Rs. 15,000. The iPhone is undoubtedly giving Android phones tough competition since they are considered affordable and cheap devices.

But there are some great explanations behind why Apple can lower prices. Because in iPhone SE 2020 you won’t be able to find the latest features like a massive full display, large battery, and fast charging. But users shouldn’t let such minor defaults stop them from buying this device. Because it is still considered a fast smartphone. If we compare it with another Android phone available in the market.

If we talk about the iPhone SE 3 5G it is expected to cost the users around $300. Moving on to the upgrades of the iPhone SE 3 5G we get to witness the upgraded latest A15 Bionic chip. It is the same chip that Apple has installed in the iPhone 13. Making iPhone SE 3 a powerful phone with 5G connectivity. The other features are supposed to remain similar to the old model. Therefore consumers can expect a 4.7-inch LCD screen and there will be a thick bezel not only on the top but on the bottom as well. Users will only get a single backside camera and it may also be IP67 making it waterproof and dust resistant.

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