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Media City Free Zone Company Formation!

Ajman Media City Free Zone(AMCFZ), located in Ajman Emirate, is one of the most famous free zones to incorporate a business in the United Arab Emirates. Established in 1988, this free zone is home to several sectors across various industries such as industrial, professional, and e-commerce.

Additionally, one of its unique advantages is the affordable business packages and the different kinds of Ajman media city free zone licenses it offers to various companies and investors. Moreover, it is located strategically providing easy access to international markets by sea and air, thus making it a tactical place for conducting business.

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Perks of Ajman media city free zone company formation

  • Low-cost business solutions
  • Ownership of business
  • Tax benefits
  • Licensing benefits
  • Digital procedure
  • Immediate visas

Additional benefits:

  • Privileged location
  • Several options for business activities
  • The easy as well as quick business setup process
  • Capital repatriation
  • Outstanding infrastructure
  • Modern corporate facilities
  • Affordable rental options
  • Easy verification of validity
  • Option to change the business activities
  • Facilitates multiple modes of payment such as credit card, debit card, cheque, and cash
  • Allows application for dependent visa for family

Ajman media city free zone company formation – Packages

The cost of Ajman media city free zone license packages depends on various factors. However, the investor has the facility to choose a cost-effective plan for his business. Thus, it enables them to fulfill their corporate requirements without paying any additional charges.

The AMC free zone license packages are as follows:

Business club package

  • An allocated shared workspace for a limited time
  • The company receives the status of a free zone company
  • Not eligible for a visa
  • Allows grouping of five commercial activities as well as five business activities

Gold package

  • Provides a private office to accommodate a few employees
  • Also, offers an executive office with five visas per license
  • Allows carrying out ten business activities including five commercial and five service-based

Silver package

  • Offers three visa permits
  • Also, allows a total of ten business activities
  • Covers up to five commercial and service activities per license

Bronze package

  • One permanent shared office in ultra-modern infrastructure
  • Eligible for one visa
  • Free zone status for the company
  • Number of activities same as it is for other packages

SMI package

  • Social Media Influencer package for bloggers and influencers who promote different brands
  • Individuals receive a certificate from the National Media Council of the UAE for being a social media influencer
  • No visa eligibility
  • Digital company formation process. Hence, physical presence is not mandatory

The applicants have to pay the VAT charges, Innovation Fee, and Company Name Approval cost in addition to the above packages. To check more about packages, visit the official portal of Ajman Media City free zone or speak with the experts of Shuraa.

Ajman media city free zone license – Types

  • Industrial license – This license allows businesses to carry out manufacturing, assembling, import of raw materials, and selling of finished goods within as well as outside of UAE.
  • Professional license – With a professional license also known as a service license, individuals and companies can offer professional services and activities in the region.
  • E-commerce license – Companies with an e-commerce license can conduct online trading activities such as sales and promotion of goods and services in Ajman.
  • Commercial license – With a commercial license, businesses can carry out trade activities in Ajman, such as import, export, and other related services.
  • General Maintenance license – General maintenance license permits businesses to carry out repair and maintenance activities for buildings and enterprises.

Ajman Media City Free Zone – Company structures

  • Free Zone Establishment

FZE is basically a one-owner company. In other words, you can have 100% ownership of your company. Besides, it allows remote registration and doesn’t require your physical presence for the registration process.

  • Free Zone Company

Unlike FZE, FZC can have multiple shareholders. Besides, it is a limited liability company, wherein the liability of the shareholders remains limited to their share capital.

  • Branch of a foreign company

Any overseas company can establish a branch in the Ajman Media City Free zone as a representative office. This structure is basically formed to have a market presence in the UAE rather than conducting business activities.

  • Branch of a local company

This legal structure is established by a UAE company to expand its business to other regions of the country. Mainland companies as well as free zone companies can establish their branch in Ajman Media City Free zone.

AMCFZ – Business activities

Ajman Freezone welcomes almost all business activities. Hence, companies can start their operations easily by just selecting the desired business activity and attaining the proper business license.

Additionally, Ajman free zone offers a vast range of professional and financial business activities to investors and entrepreneurs. Some of the most common lucrative activities include the following:

  • Trading
  • Information Technology(IT)
  • E-commerce
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Web Designing
  • Industrial
  • Transalation services
  • Education
  • Law firms
  • Consultancy
  • Media and entertainment

Ajman Media City Free Zone – Corporate facilities

  • Permanent desk space
  • Shared offices
  • Executive offices

Ajman media city free zone license acquisition – Procedure

  • Choose a trading name and business activity
  • Obtain the initial approval for company formation
  • Prepare the relevant documents
  • Submit the application and documents to the concerned authorities
  • Lease an office space
  • Prepare a tenancy contract
  • Acquire additional approvals, if necessary
  • Pay the required fees and expenses for license registration
  • Collect the business license
  • Start the operations in the Ajman Media City Free Zone

Documents required:-

  • Passport copies of owner/shareholders
  • Residency proof/Entry permit
  • MOA(Memorandum of Association)
  • AOA(Articles of Association)
  • Business plan
  • Reference letter from the bank
  • NOC from the sponsor(for UAE residents)
  • Proof of share capital
  • Trade name options

Once the authorities verify your application and issue the Ajman media city free zone license for your business, they will provide the following documents as well to the business owner. These documents can further be used to establish a corporate account in AMC free zone.

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Lease agreement
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Certificate of Chamber of Commerce
  • Share certificate
  • MOA & AOA
  • Tenancy contract
  • Registration certificate

Visa Processing in Ajman Media City Free Zone

  • Apply for an establishment card
  • Further, apply for eChannel
  • Proceed with the entry permit application
  • Pass the medical test
  • Apply for an Emirates ID
  • Get a stamp of residency permit on the passport

Requirements for visa processing:-

  • A printed online application with the barcode signed and stamped by the concerned authority
  • Immigration application form
  • Trade license copy
  • Establishment card
  • Copy of passport (with minimum six months validity)
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Education certificate attested by the UAE consulate of the applicant’s home country as well as by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE

Ajman media city free zone license – Renewal & Liquidation

The renewal process of the Ajman media city free zone license is almost similar to the registration process as it can also be done remotely through a trusted agent. However, the document requirements may differ. The business owner must submit the following credentials for the renewal purpose –

  • Authorization letter
  • Renewal fees

On the other hand, there are certain rules and regulations for the liquidation process. Besides, the owner or the representative holding the Power of Attorney must perform this procedure. However, they must follow certain steps.

  • Hand over the original documents of the company to the authorities
  • In case of loss or missing of any document, file a police report
  • Cancel the existing visas as well as the establishment card
  • Terminate the lease agreement
  • Cancel the license also

Once the liquidation process completes, the owner will receive an official de-registration confirmation letter from the authorities.

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