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Media Gateway Approval: Who is eligible and Documents they Need

Media gateway approval is the permission to establish a device that translates media streams among different networks. Considering the diverse network topology that connects India, this authorization is in high demand among Telecom Service Providers of the country. This article presents who is eligible to get this license and what documents they require.

The rise of the telecommunication sector in India has given rise to several niche telecom service providers. While no one can understand the precise nature of these services, they are still significant as they consolidate internet connectivity throughout the country; one of those incomprehensible services in Media Gateway.

A media gateway is the medium that translates media streams as they are traversing one network to the other. By providing the correct carriage to those streams, it prevents loss of data. Thus, one can say that the technology used to implement this technology has nuances that only certain eligible entities can handle.

Who is eligible to obtain the Media Gateway Approval?

According to the guidelines of the Department of Telecommunication, the following entities have the permission to apply for Media Gateway Approval:

  1. Internet Service Providers: Internet Services Providers or ISPs provide internet services within their service area. If the service area of an ISP contains multiple types of networks, they can apply for approval to establish a media gateway.
  2. VNO Licensees: Those using a virtual network to provide internet services also have the permit to get approval to establish a media gateway in their network.
  3. Broadcasters: Broadcasters engaged with the mass distribution of information have to dispense the info via a wide variety of networks. Therefore, it’s only natural for them to have the approval to obtain Media Gateway.
  4. Other Service Provider: Other Service Providers with ubiquitous services reaching the farthest corners of the globe have the permission to get the approval.

What are the documents needed to obtain Media Gateway Approval?

The documents that the entities we mentioned need to obtain the approval to establish a media gateway are as follows:

  1. Cover Letter: As media gateway is niche equipment, DOT expects the applicant to have a reasonable justification for implementing it in their network. Thus, the applicant must draft a cover letter explaining the need to establish this equipment.
  2. Certificate of Incorporation: Naturally, all the licensees are business entities that provide telecommunication services. Therefore, the applicant must provide a copy of its Certificate of Incorporation.
  3. Telecom License Agreements: DOT issues the approval based on the license numbers of the licensees. Thus, the applicants must facilitate the department with copies of their Telecom license agreements.
  4. Technical information of the media gateway device: The applicant must provide a document detailing the technical info of the media gateway device. Said document must entail diagrams, test reports and the materials used to build the equipment. Read More: Maritime Approval
  5. An audited Balance sheet of the company: The applicant must meet the financial requirements to establish the media gateway. Thus, another document DOT asks for is the audited balance sheet of the company.


A media gateway approval lets a telecom service provider establish a device that translates media streams across several networks. Therefore, only an ISP, a VNO ISP, a Broadcaster or Other Service Provider has the permission to procure this authorization.

Furthermore, the applicants need only limited documents to apply for this approval. However, to put them together and consequently apply for the permit, they need the help of a telecom consultant. That’s where Registrationwala can step in to assist the applicants.

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Media gateway translates media streams across several topologies. This blog explains the eligibility points and the documents needed for Media Gateway Approval.

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