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Michael Joseph Jackson Whole Life Story!

Top Pop Star Singer In World

Friends, there is no doubt that some people are born into a poor family and die poor and destitute, but there are also some people who earn millions of rupees even after death. There is no other opinion that after death people leave their money in the world.

but even after his death, he has earned Millions of rupees in the past years.

Who was Michael Jackson and how did he live his life?

Friends, you may have seen guards outside the houses of the world’s biggest stars, but I am going to tell you, Instead of a security guard, doctors lined up at his house.

A man who turned his whole house into an oxygen camp to prolong his life A man whose footsteps made the world go round A man whose style made girls go crazy A man who  The talent that people used to copy.

We are talking about Michael Jackson, who was a world-famous artist.

As we hear his name, the image of a rock star is formed in our minds. This is a name that makes big artists bow their heads when they hear it. What happened to this shining star? Is it halfway through the journey? Today we are very close to the life and death of Michael Jackson.  Stay connected with us till the end of this article to see how Michael Jackson died.

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  • Rock With You
  • Black Or White
  • Smooth Criminal
  • You Rock My World
  • Remember The Time
  • Dirty Diana
  • Human Nature
  • Love Never Felt So Good
  • Who Is It
  • Heal the World
  • I Want You Back
  • Will You Be There
  • The Girl Is Mine
  • Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
  • Bad
  • Liberian Girl
  • I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
  • Speed Demon
  • Dangerous
  • P.Y.T.
  • Give in to Me
  • Leave Me Alone
  • In the Closet
  • Slave to the Rhythm
  • Play Here

What Is the Reason did Michael Jackson wear gloves on his hands?

Why did Michael Jackson always have a hat on his head?

Know About  Why Michael Jackson breaks all the glass in his house?

Today we are Reading all these things.

We are referring to a person named joseph Michael Jackson who is also known as the king of pop music. It has been 13 years since they passed away.

Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Indiana, USA

michael jackson story

Jackson reigned supreme in pop music, is one of America’s greatest singer-songwriters, record musicals, and all-time great Dancer,

He is one of the few people in the world who accumulated a lot of capital in a short period of time And got a lot of fame.

This man was an accomplished artist and singer who is heard in almost every corner of the world. He has a long list of achievements, some of which we will bring to you.

Michael Joseph Jackson was a name that opened the eyes of a poor black family in America. He belonged to a black family.

He hated his blackness from the very beginning. Being the youngest, he formed a band with his brothers who sang at small functions and at the railway station and earned some money.

His job was to play the tamboura.

This person also released a small album in 1969, but it was not successful. he was the youngest in the family and was always the target of everyone. his family members and his father used to torture him and treat him as their personal servants.

He was fed up with his brothers and separated from his father.

Michael separated from his family and released a personal album in 1978 with Kunsi John.

The star of his fortune shone and the goddess of wealth became kind to him.

The album he made with Konsi John sold over a million copies in no time and made him a huge celebrity overnight. this album made him proud. At that time he challenged an astrologer to live for 150 years.

What things did Michael Jackson hate in life?

Michael Jackson hated four things. He hated his blackness. His goal was to look like a white person. Anonymity was something he hated. He wanted to be in front of everyone at all times. It was his desire to separate himself from his past that he hated.

He did not like to die at the age of sixty or seventy like other people, he wanted to live to the age of one and a half hundred.

It always covered its face with a hat and it hated its face.

They launched his album thriller in 1982, it was the best-selling album, selling over 3.5 million copies in a month, and the album became part of the Guinness World Records.

Michael Jackson came out of his anonymity and decided to defeat his dark skin.

He has Hired 55 major surgeons in America and Europe and performed dozens of plastic surgeries in his lifetime. In 1987, his skin and movements changed. Instead of the black Michael Jackson, he appeared as a fair and beautiful person.

In 1987, he released a new album named Bad.

It was the first album of white Michael Jackson released in 1987. The album also sold 30 million copies and started a tour of major countries and cities, earning him millions of dollars. Michael Jackson used to go out less often and people would scream like crazy and fight over him for an autograph.

It was known for his performances that wherever his program was held, people would get emotional and hit their heads on the walls and explode their heads or set themselves on fire.

Because of his hatred of blacks, he got rid of his family completely and hired white parents,

He also got rid of old friends. To make himself more famous, he married lease Mary Presley, the daughter of famous pop singer Elvis Presley.

lisa marie presley
Lisa Marie Presley.

In 1993, Michael Jackson proposed to Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, over the phone and tried to persuade her to marry him. He had largely gotten over his bitter past.

To fulfill his last wish

Michael Jackson used to do many interesting things to live long. He slept in an oxygen room, sprayed disinfectants throughout his house, and followed a doctor’s diet. The doctor prescribed him a special diet. He had twelve doctors working for him. As of now, he has never eaten anything without a prescription.

He also engaged some people to donate organs like his pet’s lungs and two eyes and a heart. He paid all their expenses himself, provided them with all the facilities, and was to donate his organs to him when the time came.

So now he was sure that he would be able to live for one and a half hundred years, but then on the night of 25 June 2009, he felt difficulty in breathing.  They kept trying but failed and took him to the hospital The hospital staff also tried hard but could not succeed.

He walked barefoot on the ground, wore gloves on his hands, met people who used it, whose house was sprayed daily and planned to live 150 years. He hasn’t eaten anything the doctor has forbidden.

At the age of 50, he died in just 30 minutes. On Google, eight million people read the news of Michael Joseph Jackson’s death in just ten minutes.

This was a record in the history of Google and Google’s system crashing and Google had to apologize to its users for 25 minutes. For the first time in such a short period of time, there was this much traffic.

Excessive care left his body hollow and skeletal after his autopsy. He was also bald and had broken ribs.

Take most parts of his body such as shoulders, arms, and Mark on the hip. There were puncture marks, Due to plastic surgery,  dependent on pain killers completely, and it was completely hollow inside.  Regardless of doctors and all the facilities and so much money, he could not save himself.

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