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Microsoft Defender Application Guard in Windows 10

In enterprises, the security architects have to face problems due to productivity and security. For this reason, they try to lock down the browsers. When they lock down the browsers, they don’t allow all the websites to load. It means that they allow the only handful of websites to load. No doubt, it will improve the security of a website. Anyhow, it can create some productivity issues for the websites. If you want to make it less restrictive, you may increase the risk profile within the enterprise. Due to the change in the threat landscape, we are also facing some emerging threats. The malicious actors are using browsers as the primary source of the attack. To overcome these problems, the enterprises can use Microsoft Defender Application Guard in windows 10.

What is Microsoft Defender Application Guard and How Does It Work?

No doubt, the employees have to browse the internet while working within an enterprise. For the protection of the employees, the enterprises can use Microsoft Defender Application Guard for Windows 10. While using it, the enterprise can define un-trusted websites. When users will browse the internet, Microsoft Defender Application Guard will save your website from these kinds of attacks. Here, we should discuss the responsibility of the enterprise administrator. He has to define the trusted websites. He should also define the cloud resources and internal networks. When an employee will open an un-trusted website, Microsoft Edge will open it in the form of an isolated Hyper-V container.

Along with un-trusted websites, Microsoft Defender Application Guard will also prevent the access of the un-trusted Word and other files. Anyhow, it will open these files in the form of an isolated Hyper-V container. Its reason is that it is separated from the host operating system. When it will open this file in the isolation container, it can’t damage the host device. As a result, it will not allow the attacker to get access to the enterprise data. In other words, this approach is making the isolated container anonymous for the users. As a result, the malicious attackers can’t get access to the credential details of your employees.

Types of Devices That Can use Microsoft Defender Application Guard:

We can use Microsoft Defender Application Guard for various devices. First of all, we can use it for enterprise desktops. These are the domain-joined desktops and your organization is managing these desktops. While using this application for enterprise desktops, you can do its management through Microsoft Intune. Anyhow, you can also do its management through Microsoft Endpoint Manager. For this reason, the employees can use the high-bandwidth and corporate network. Secondly, we can also use it for enterprise mobile laptops. These are also domain-joined laptops. Your organization is managing them. For the configuration management of these laptops, we can follow the previous options. While using them, the users can get the Standard User privileges.

Further as told by a dissertation writing firm, they can also use high bandwidth and privileges for the security of the data. Thirdly, we can also use Microsoft Defender Application Guard for BYOD. There are not domain-joined laptops. We can use these laptops for personal use. Anyhow, your organization may have to manage these laptops by using their tools. Now, the employee is the admin of the laptop. It will provide a comparable personal network for the security of these laptops. At last, we can also use it for personal devices. These are not domain-joined and organizations are not managing these devices. Its admin is its user. For the security of these devices, he can use the high-bandwidth personal wireless network.

How to Activate Microsoft Defender Application Guard for Windows 10?

When you will use Microsoft Defender Application Guard for Windows 10, you can easily create an isolated memory instance. As a result, you can easily save your network from malicious attacks. For the activation of the Microsoft Defender Application Guard, you should follow the following steps. First of all, you should understand that it is part of the Windows 10 professional. You can also get it for enterprise and educational versions. To get access to this application, you should open up Control Panel. For this reason, you should type ‘Windows Features’. Here, you should look for the ‘Windows feature to turn on or off. It will show a dialogue box. When you will scroll down its features, you can find Microsoft Defender Application Guard. Here, you should check in the box. After checking in the box, it will show the ‘OK’ button. You should click on this button.

When you will click on it, it will automatically install this application in your system. For the activation of the application, you will have to reboot your system. After installing and activating it, you will have to look for its settings. When you will open up the settings page, you should select ‘Update & Security. After that, you can select the Windows security button from the left side. Here, you can see the ‘App and Browser’ control item. When you will click on it, it will reveal the screen down. As a result, it will start with Isolated Browsing. It will also run and work with Edge. While running and working with Edge, it will protect your device from malware. You can also do further settings on the page. After doing these settings, you can easily save your device from malicious attacks.


Microsoft Defender Application Guard is providing hardware-based endpoint defence to the users. Microsoft Edge has built this security tool for the users. To ensure the security of the enterprises or personal users, it will open the un-trusted websites into virtual machines. As a result, it will prevent the reach of malicious activities from the desktop. Only Windows 10 are showing support for this application. If you want to enjoy the security features of this application, you will have to install Windows 10 in your system. The enterprise manager will have to separate the trusted websites from the un-trusted websites. When a user wants to get access to untrusted websites, it will not open these websites in the host machine. As a result, the enterprise can save the users from the attacks of hackers.

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