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Misconceptions About Getting Your Face Squeaky Clean

The act of washing your face is an easy task does it not? It doesn't need the most mental energy

The act of washing your face is an easy task does it not? It doesn’t need the most mental energy – or does it? There’s a lot more to cleaning your face than simply slapping face wash and water several times throughout the day.

There is a myriad of gentle and targeted cleansers on the market at the present. They will not remove your skin’s essential oils and cells of the skin. Selecting the most effective moisturizing and anti-aging products will allow them to penetrate more easily into your skin. In addition, they can help shield it from damage and conceal the most obvious signs of aging.

Squirting soap on the face in the water isn’t the ideal method to clean your face when there are other methods to have a clean face.

The majority of us believe that cleaning is an activity that is so simple it can be completed even when totally exhausted or even a little drunk, which of course it is. However, there’s more to it than just soap and water. “With numerous advanced gentle cleansers that won’t harm your skin, choosing the right one can allow moisturizing and anti-aging creams to be absorbed more efficiently.” Evidently, the old-fashioned scrub and splash will not do the trick. Here are the latest rules for keeping your skin looking its best.

MYTH 1: Wash and GIVE UP

This is more of a 2-step method. “Remove your makeup prior to when you cleanse the face” advises Montclair, New Jersey, derm Dr. Jeanine Downie. “Many cleansers can’t get rid of foundation or concealer completely, particularly around the eyes and the nose.” Apply an oil-based cream or Emollient wipe or cleansing oil to break down hard-to-remove sunscreen and makeup. Apply lukewarm water, followed by an amount that is about the size of a dime (look for ingredients like Cocamidopropyl betaine and caprylic triglyceride as they are sulfate-free surfactants) using your fingertips or a clean wet washcloth.

MYTH 2: BRUSH your skin until it has a healthy glow

“A brush can remove dirt, oil, and dead skin faster than your hands and it’s gentler than the majority of exfoliating cleansers or scrubs,” Day says. Day. “But this isn’t something that you need to apply every night, particularly when you’re also applying ingredients such as acids or retinoids. Exfoliation that is too vigorous can cause inflammation.” In essence: Apply only in moderation. (Right currently, we’re all over Clarisonic’s brand new brush head for acne cleansing which is below.) To keep your brush free of germs wash and air dry after using. And, hey, the same way you are with your Brita brush, change the heads every 3 months.


The jury isn’t in the sand on the frequency of cleansing your face (every a.m. or p.m. or only every night) the majority of dermatologists are of the opinion that excessive washing could cause irritation and lack of moisture. It is best to follow common sense by washing your face after exercising to avoid breakouts. Also, cleanse your skin with excessive oiliness both at night and morning. If you have sensitive or dry skin, it is recommended to cleanse each night, at least.


Whatever type of skin type you’re dealing with, be sure that the ingredients listed don’t include fragrance, which can be irritating, parabens (potentially harmful preservatives), and a harsh type of soap (it’s drying). “If the cleanser you use fits this criterion, the formulation is the product itself, whether it’s lotion, cream foaming, cream, etc. foaming, cream, etc. is more of an individual choice,” says NYC dermatologist Dr. Brad Katchen. Of course, people with dry skin might prefer products with moisturizers like glycerin and shea butter. Additionally “if you suffer from oily skin, you may need a foaming wash which leaves your skin feeling clean.


A glycolic- or salicylic acid cleanser is more gentle and efficient than coarse scrubs that also provide anti-aging benefits as well as help in preventing breakouts. Replace your usual wash (start at three times per week) and alter depending on the way your skin appears and feels.


“An alcohol-based cleanser strips away essential oils from the body,” Explains Day. It’s not a good idea. “Gentle toners soothe the skin and help balance pH levels. However, with the correct cleanser, you’re not really required to take the step.” Are you in love with the sensation, however? Use gentle, alcohol-free options.

Myth #7: Investing the equivalent of a fortune

If you are looking to purchase products that contain antioxidants, or Retinol, select products are left on your skin, rather than washing these essential components down the drain. These ingredients are far more effective if you allow they to be left on the skin.

Myth #8: Closing your Pores

Many people go through an exfoliation routine that involves splashing their face with cold water to close pores, or massaging their face to improve circulation. Although you cannot eliminate pores however, you can reduce the amount evident by using cosmetic treatments and cleansing.

A mild steam can be used to reduce the amount of oil that has gotten hard in the pores. So, cleansing your face during the shower may aid. Although massaging your face feels great however, it does not do much in terms of cleansing, but it can improve circulation.

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