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Modular Kitchen Types and Uses


Modular kitchen concept was first coined in the 1960’s in Italy.  The Company which innovated this idea is “Snaidero”. The Ultimate goal of this kitchen innovation is to make every kitchen more accessible and functionable. 

Functional Italian layouts were very popular in European countries in 1965 and then the concept evolved in the United states, Canada and australia. 

The Modular Kitchen ideas reached asian countries in early 1990’s and it’s more popular in recent times. 

Modular kitchens come in various sizes and shapes. Based on the requirement, homeowners can make use of it. It comes with various compartments and modules to bring the functionality very safe and easy.

Let’s discuss why we need a modular kitchen for a modern home.

People across the globe use modular kitchens for performance, functionality, style and beauty. But here are some of the most important features of these advanced functional kitchens.  As a homeowner, its your work to choose experienced interior designers in chennai

Types of Modular Kitchen:

A Modular layout is the only product in interior design which follows fewer rules and principles. Because they can be optimized and altered based on the homeowner’s interest. 

Lets go deeper into types of modular kitchens. 

‘L’ Shaped Modular Kitchen:

This is the default and commonly used modular kitchen in India, we have many advantages of using the L Shape Modular kitchen. As a homeowner we get high feasibility with great functionality. 

L Shaped kitchens offer us HOB or Triangle Functionality. So the person who cooks the dishes will have multiple entrances. Which helps us to avoid kitchen traffic. 

Some of the features of Installing ‘L’ Shaped Modular Kitchen:

  • Gives you extra corner space for kitchen storage
  • Can be installed with some decent sq ft space
  • Can be upgraded anytime we want. If we have some additional space, we can even install an additional island kitchen.

Normal dimension of ‘L’ Shaped Modular design is Normal 8’-13’ and Short 3’-9’ M. Comparably L shaped kitchens give you some extra room for storage. There is no specific dimension, i personally have seen some owners who managed to extend the ‘L’ Shape to avoid traffic and to store items. 

Straight Line Modular Kitchen:

Straight Modular Kitchens are meant for some basic purposes, where we cannot add more storage space. Instead Straight Line Modular Kitchens are really good for small kitchens with less space. 

Are you looking for some basic modular layout type then this concept is great for you. Apparently this concept does not support HOB or Triangle Concepts. Since the type will look like a straight line. 

Features of Straight Line Kitchens:

  • Least cost, when compared with other kitchen types. 
  • Suitable for 1 BHK, 2 BHK and Studio Apartments.
  • We can Install chimneys and some basic storage shelves and drawers.
  • Gives you two entrances, so we can reduce walking traffic.

‘U’ Shaped Modular Kitchen:

U Shaped kitchens are getting popular among middle class homeowners, because the need of the space is getting higher day by day.  Apart from L shape and Straight layout, the Triangle concept works great for “U” Shape modular kitchens. 

We can alter the design, whenever we want. Some Homeowners keep the kitchen near the dining table for their comfort. The U Shape designs will have more wall unit for storage.

Features of ‘U’ Shaped Modular Kitchen:

  • This type of modular kitchen gives you more storage space.
  • ‘U’ Shape Modular kitchen is great for HOB workspace
  • Since everything is comparatively fixed inside the cabinets, the kitchen look will be stunning and hygienic.
  • Simultaneously the cost is a little bit higher than other models.

Island Modular Kitchen:

Island models are a kind of dream kitchen for many homeowners. We would have seen this type of modular kitchens in cinemas, luxury houses. So, the main purpose of an Island modular kitchen is ultimately different from other types. 

The cost of an island kitchen is slightly higher than other models. Island kitchens give you more space for storage and at the same time it can keep everything beneath it and provide a hygienic kitchen. 

Features of an Island Modular Kitchen:

  • Great for Triangle cookspace. The HOB concept works great for the Island type.
  • We get lots of counter tops for storage. Apart from that we can upgrade it anytime we want. 

Parallel Modular kitchen:

Till now we have seen many modular design types. The parallel type is the most important of all kitchen types. 

If you are looking for a comfortable cooking space, then parallel is the right choice for you. Parallel model is the only type where triangle cooking is easily possible. But this kitchen type has one disadvantage. 

Since the modular type is parallel to each other, it is difficult for us to control the human traffic. 

Features of Parallel Modular Kitchen:

  • Parallel models apparently gives you two cooking space
  • More space means more storage, no need for additional setup for the crockery unit. 

“G’ Shaped or Peninsula Kitchens: 

Peninsula kitchens are similar to ‘U’ Shaped kitchens, but they have some of the added upgrades. 

G Shaped kitchens are the only ones which can provide you with secondary countertops. Peninsula kitchens provide you more space when compared with other modular kitchen types. 

Features of ‘G’ Shaped Kitchens:

  • Apart from Triangle or the HOB, Peninsula kitchen provides you some additional counters which are used as dining table, bar counters etc., 
  • This type is a little bit costlier than other modular layout types. 
  • Looks very luxurious and premium and stands out from other kitchen types. 
  • Can be upgraded and used as a multi storage unit.
  • Indeed all the items like cylinders, sink, grinder, mixer, oven and utensils can be fitted inside this model. Which provides us with a decent look as well as being hygienic. 

Fit in Small Places: 

Modular kitchens are so great and they can fit in even in small places like 50 to 100 sqft. Since modular kitchens are highly customizable, we can alter the modules based on our needs. 

Never bother about your living space, because customized modular kitchens can be installed for 1 bhk, 2 bhk, 3 bhk and 4 bhk. If your living area is around 500 to 750 sq ft. I personally suggest that you install some studio kitchens with less modules and high storage.

Storage Capacity:

Indeed, the most important feature of a modular kitchen is storage capacity. Undoubtedly the storage modules are the most important and vital things to be considered in kitchen compartments. 

Currently the interior designers and architects are taking extraordinary steps to overcome storage capacity. So Multi level storage is the best option one must focus on. 

Optimizing free space is very crucial, Multi level storage is very popular in japan. The utilization of space is calculated in milliseconds. 


Modular kitchen accessibility plays a vital role while performing the cooking activities. Usually HOB or Cook Triangle is the majorly used access point in modular kitchen designs. 

As per the research conducted by IAG, the accessibility in the kitchen is likely to increase the performance and saves times upto 30 mins. And at the same time the quick decision making while we cook will reduce the delay time in preparation. As a result the Taste of food is really delicious when we compare it with the previous preparation. 


Accordingly, modular kitchens are highly customizable and convertible. During the installation process we can alter the drawers, shelves and racks. 

Whenever you contact an interior designer, you must always prepare what is your need and requirements. Consult the designer before finalizing any decisions, because professional interior designers will give you the nuances and ideas to save money.

Stay away from cluttered design:

Manage all your storage in a beautiful modern and functional kitchen. Never think I’m exaggerating, but it’s the truth. Because the ultimate goal of a modular kitchen is to make everything uncluttered. 

There are two sets of storage designs, usually a modular kitchen. One is Drawers, shelves and racks. If you feel that the storage of utensils exceeds the above three capacities, Then try to install a new item called a crockery unit. 

Crockery units are really great and they provide some extra storage to keep utensils as well.

Comes with multiple types:

As I said before, modular kitchens come with various types. Here are some of the major types used by homeowners across the globe. 

  • Parallel
  • Straight or Studio
  • U Shaped
  • L Shaped
  • Peninsula or Island

We will Discuss the types of modular kitchen in upcoming content. So, based on these types we must design and install the modular kitchen. 

The above content gives you an overall note of why we need a modular kitchen. Now I would like to share a few additional information about the advantages and disadvantages of a modular kitchen. 

Advantages of a Modular Kitchen:

  • Since everything is planned and organized in a proper way, the chances of unhygienic activity is very limited. In this difficult Covid Time, clean and hygienic surroundings are very important for kids and family.
  • Modular kitchens are highly cost effective compared with traditional kitchens. The traditional kitchens are made of  complete hardwood and softwood. Usually wood is costlier than plywoods. Consequently the plywoods are made in an inbuilt factory which reduces the cost upto 30%. 
  • Modular designs are highly customizable and can be altered anytime we want. There is no one style or design for modular kitchens. We can upgrade or degrade the modular anytime we want.
  • The most important and vital advantages of a modular design is, it reduces the human traffic while cooking. 

Cons of Modular Kitchen:

Modular design have only limited disadvantages.

  • Minimum budget for modular kitchens starts from Rs 99,000 and goes upto Rs 10 to 20 lacs. This budget is manageable for upper and affluent people, but not good for middle class homeowners.
  • We have to maintain the modular layout regularly. Some interior design companies ask for periodic subscriptions to balance maintenance cost

The cons of a modular layout are very limited over the advantages which is a positive concept. 

Apart from the uses and its advantages, let’s start to know more about its types.


The modular kitchen comes with various types and shapes. We can choose them based on our need and purpose. Modular design is highly customizable. We can upgrade and downgrade them whenever we want. 


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