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Most Common Waterproofing Problems and Solutions

As much as most builders, architects, or painters appreciate waterproofing, it does come with some hidden troubles. That is why it is safe to say that waterproofing is not full proof.

Even though waterproofing saves you from 80 percent of the problems you face with your roof, the importance of maintenance cannot be over-emphasized here.

In this post, we’ll be decoding common waterproofing problems and solutions on how you can avoid them. Read on to find out all that’s in store.

Common Problems with Waterproofing

Most people think waterproofing is the last step, but it’s just the first one in reality. Here’s a list of problems you might face after waterproofing if a check is not maintained.

The Problem with Roofs

If your building, home, or living space is on the top floor, there can be puddles on the roof. In particular, to flat roofs, this problem is as much a frequent visitor as rain.

This rainwater can then seep into the ceiling, which can further cause leaks. Technically, if any water is standing on the roof, there is potential wear and tear.

Problems can be faced by floors that are not on the top of the building. This might be attributed to faulty craftsmanship on the floor above yours. Improper tiling or plumbing defects are some causes that can result in massive problems for the floors below. These problems can be anywhere between cracks in the ceiling and structural defects.

Faulty Waterproofing

Proper installation stands vital when waterproofing. Poor waterproofing has been one of the top reported causes of leakage problems.

Poorly done waterproofing results in moisture. This moisture can degrade the building much earlier than usual. Moisture build-up is the building’s worst enemy.

This moisture can further damage the equipment for businesses, particularly the ones on lower floors.

Balconies as Targets

For a building to have proper and comfortable external spaces, it is pivotal that the balconies and terraces are waterproofed correctly.

Whenever it rains, regardless of its direction, water will harm the property if not waterproofed properly. In such cases, water can get into the building through even the smallest of openings.

Windows? A Threat?

Windows are undoubtedly one of the most obvious places for water to sneak into buildings. We’re not even talking about open windows.

It is imperative to understand that windows are extremely vulnerable to water. It is intensified when this water is coming from rain driven by strong winds. Lack of correct waterproofing can allow windows to lead to water leakage in the building.

Neglecting Maintenance

The elephant in the room is the way most people neglect maintenance. When it comes to water leakage, even the smallest of leaks should be dealt with with urgency.

It essentially means that you check on balconies, windows, cracks, and any other problems in the place. The longer you leave the leakage open, the more the damage.

Solving these Problems

Most of these problems can be taken care of if spotted at an earlier stage. It would be best to keep in mind the following tips while dealing with problems caused due to incorrect waterproofing.


Regardless of where you live, you must inspect roofs, windows, and balconies for any standing water and clear it off immediately.

Check Drains and Plumbing

Suppose you occupy lower floors; water can seep in from plumbing problems on floors above you. On spotting any such leaks, immediate information should be passed on, and the problem should be fixed.

Double-Check those Seals

It is primary to ensure that all window seals, door seals, and wall systems are in place. Sometimes leaks can be invisible, but moisture might still creep in through the wall. Get the experts at first sight of moisture.

Final Thoughts

You’re probably not the only one facing issues from waterproofing. However, to avoid these problems, we learn about them in detail and then understand ways to fix them.

Hopefully, no major leaks will be reported after this!

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