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‏Most Discover Unexplored Places Of Turkey!

When we talk about unexplored things, they mean places that have been visited the least by tourists. These places deserve more recognition. Turkey is a place that has become famous for tourism over the years with some beautiful places such as Antalya, Istanbul, Cappadocia, etc. But there are many unexplored areas where an adventurous tourist would love to go. Turkey is the world’s 37th largest country, so obviously, tourism lies beyond the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. In this article, we are going to discuss those few unexplored areas of Turkey which are very underrated. Click this link to know more.

1) Kars and Ani city 

Ani is a city known for having one thousand churches. It is an ancient city so reaching there is a little difficult because no public transport takes you there. However, you can either book a car or if you have one of your own you can enjoy your trip there. The reason for so many architectural buildings in this area is that this place was the capital of the Armenian dynasty. After a visit to this small village, you can travel back to Kars. Kars is an ancient city as well, as it was once ruled by the Russians. You can enjoy the buildings and monuments here, and to get a better view you may visit the Kars castle. Many locals also suggest visiting the lake Cildir which turns into a fairy-tale wonderland in winters.

2) Green Camlihemsin: At One with Nature

If you want to go have a good experience of outdoor places then Green Camlihemsin is one of the best places Made in Turkey Tours. The place is near the Firtina Valley region and has also a pathway to the Kackar mountains, and Ayder plateau. Apart from the amazing scenery, you can also learn about Turkish culture here. The locals here make tasty pastries. Other things to enjoy include ancient Ottoman stone bridges and tasting the delicious Muhlama which is a cheese-type fondue.

3) The Unexplored Savsat National Park

This place is considered heaven on earth. You will get stunned by the dramatic view. The mountains here are filled with greenery in summer and autumns while in winter they hide in the snow. To travel places here, you will need a car and a guider. All the luxuries such as five-star hotels or spas do not exist here. The old basics of life like bee keeping or animal herding is carried out in this region. Many tourists after travelling to this breathtaking place make this a priority in their list of the tour to Turkey.

4) Mardin

You might be confused when we talk about Mardin as it is a modern city. But in this article, we are talking about the unexplored areas, and under that, we are discussing the old historical Mardin. The site covers a large hillside on the edge of the Mesopotamian plains. The stone architecture of houses, old mosques, monasteries, pigeons that do backflips, and unique cuisine make this place distinctive from other sites in Turkey. Dibek coffee, a robust and earthy beverage is the region’s specialty. The stuffed lamb ribs are also the region’s delight. Visit a few nearby places like the ruins of Dara, or old Midyat which are built beautifully and show the lifestyle and culture of residents.

5) Gaziantep

When you tell someone that you are visiting Gaziantep, the first thing he is going to suggest to you is Baklava. It is a famous Turkish sweet. The marvelous view of the place and the castle explains the story of Turkey’s war of independence. The coffee houses make a lot of trade here. By coffee houses we mean the traditional drinks and not Star bucks. This place has some amazing museums that explain the regional dishes and drink.

6) Sanliurfa

Sanliurfa is a religious city of Turkey, so you won’t have a lively night here. The famous site here is Balikligol. It is a place where Nimrud threw Abraham into the fire. Another nearby place in the region is the Mevlid Halil mosque and the cave where Muslims believe Abraham was born. Very few tourists visit these sites, but they are worth visiting.


These were a few unexplored places in Turkey. Unexplored in our terms meant that very few people visit these, but they are surely one of the greatest places on earth. Turkey is much more than those few famous places and these places deserve to be on the list. I hope our article will help you plan the best for your Turkey tour, and you can also experience these picturesque places.

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