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Most Important Tips to Customize Packaging Boxes

izeOnce you are clear about the type of packaging box you need, it is common to consider the possibility of customizing them. In this post, we help you see what possibilities there are and what advantages and disadvantages each option has. Factually, simple packaging solutions do not work in this competitive world where every business has been trying to establish its reputation as a brand. So, whether you sell generic products or CBD products, you need customize packaging boxes. While talking about CBD products, it becomes more important to start thinking about CBD custom boxes. The reason is that people do not know much about these products.  So, it is the responsibility of CBD product manufacturers to inform about the benefits of these products and convince the customers about buying them.

Legally, it is also essential for the manufacturers to print all the necessary information that is important for the buyers before using it. Another important aspect due to which we recommend customized packaging solutions for CBD products is that many new manufacturers have come into the market. So, you need to be prominent on store shelves while displaying hemp, marijuana, cigars and CBD products. Therefore, you need custom printed cigar packaging and cannabis packaging to remain competitive. Many people do not know much about custom packaging. If some people understand this term, they are now aware of the steps involved in customizing the boxes. Here, we will discuss some of the most relevant customization steps for your guidance:

Flap Box

The most common that we can see in a personalized box is the inclusion of a logo and the name of a commercial brand. It is also possible to see other motifs, such as arrows, boxes, and icons related to the products inside the box. The customization that we make possible in our boxes is printing through a system called flexography. This system consists of passing a cardboard plate between two rollers, one of which contains a cliché with the printing relief. For each color, a separate cliché must be used. The most common is to see boxes printed almost always in a single color.

Cliché Flexography

The use of the cliché is linked to the manufacturing process and can be used in successive manufacturing orders. What is not possible is to use this cliché to print boxes already manufactured and in stock.

The use of the cliché implies manufacturing an exclusive batch with a minimum of units, which will depend on the size and type of box. In the case of cardboard boxes type B1 (or also called American box), there are usually approximately 500 units for large boxes, 1,000 for medium ones, and between 2,000 and 5,000 for small ones. The minimum quantity of boxes to be manufactured depends on the m². While talking about this specific case, it will be 1,000 m². So, the manufacturing depends on the number of units along with the box development.

Die-Cut Cardboard Boxes

In the case of die-cut boxes (boxes that need a die for their manufacture), these minimum quantities are increased when we talk about self-assembling boxes for shipments, since we are referring to small boxes. The minimum quantities (3,000 m²) of this type of box are usually between 3,500, 7,000, and 15,000 units, depending on the size.

Some printing companies (not box makers) offer the ability to print pre-made boxes without cliché. They use plotter printing, which we do not offer, as it is not a system with the necessary quality that a serious manufacturing company should offer.

How to Customize Your Custom Packaging Boxes?

What alternative options are available to the consumer to personalize their boxes when they need a small quantity?

Custom Seal

One option would be to order a custom seal. This option also supposes a minimum (180 rolls). However, it is valid for all types of boxes. Therefore, if the consumer uses several sizes of boxes, it is a very versatile option. On the other hand, if you want to customize only one type of box, and in a small quantity. It would not justify the minimum order that flexography implies .It may personalized seal, there is an option to order labels or stickers. 

These labels must be attached to each box as they are used. Another important aspect is that they do not require minimum orders. The reason is that these boxes are inexpensive. You can order these boxes in various colors. With that, some packaging firms also offer digital printing to give your boxes a more stylish look. So, if you want to compete for the market with a unique idea. Also you want to grab your customers’ attention more aggressively, there is nothing like customize packaging boxes. These custom CBD packaging boxes in UK present you as a brand in front of your customers, make you prominent on store shelves, and develop retention among your existing customers.

So, the choice is yours.

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