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MOT- Necessary For Every Vehicle Owner Who Want To Use Their Vehicles On The Roads

An MOT is a test for your vehicles which you need to get done after every 3 years. This is a necessary test imposed by the government without which you cannot drive your vehicle on the road. There is nothing complicated about this test, it is just a checkup of your motorcycle in which your vehicular parts such as the steering wheels, engine, suspension, etc. are thoroughly checked. About 45 minutes are required for this in which the tester will check all the electrical equipment in order to ensure that the vehicle can be used on the roads.

What if your MOT certificate has been expired and you have to take your vehicle for the MOT?

Typically, what happens is that when a vehicle has passed its MOT, then and only then it is allowed to be used on the roads. But what if you’re MOT has expired and you have to take your vehicle for another MOT. Then what can you do in this case? No need to worry, in this case, you are allowed to ride your motorcycle on the road since you are just taking it for the test.

There are certain exceptions in which you are allowed to take your MOT like for instance when you are taking your vehicle to gets its certificate or when you have booked your motorcycle repairing. These are the rare cases in which you can drive your motorcycle on the road without having a valid MOT certificate.

What can be the reasons behind a vehicle failing its MOT?

Defects in the lights and indicators:

There can be a number of reasons due to which a vehicle might fail its MOT like it has a lighting or signaling problem due to which the blow bulbs trip far more than they actually should. Proper working of light and signals is important for a vehicle because improper working lights or indicators are a reason for many accidents. And mostly the vehicles which come for MOT tests have lighting problems and the defects are immediately picked up by the MOT testers.

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Glitches in the steering wheel:

The most common problem of the steering wheel which is faced by many people is that the steering wheels are heavy and a lot of effort is required in turning them. You have to apply a lot of pressure onto the steering wheel whilst turning and then you have to hold onto the grips for giving a successful turn. When this is the case, then there is mostly a problem with your tire. In this case, you need to get your tires checked.

Worn out Wheel Bearings:

Another common problem due to which the motorcycle MOT is failed is because the wheel bearings of the vehicle are worn out. When the wheel bearings of a bike get worn out then there the bike becomes wobbly. If the rear wheels are wobbling then it is not a dangerous thing but if the front wheels start to wobble and then the motorcycle can get out of control in no time.

These are the most common reasons due to which a vehicle fails its MOT. It is advised that before you take your vehicle for its regular MOT you get it checked by a mechanic so that whatever repairing and damaging that needs to be handled are handled beforehand.

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