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Motorbike Accidents – How to Prevent Crashes

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Motorcycle accidents – 4 Tips to prevent crashes

The motorbike enjoys great popularity worldwide. In 2020, 780,000 new motorbikes were sold in the USA alone – a figure that has not been reached since 2008. This shows that people still enjoy riding two-wheelers and enjoy feeling the wind in their hair.

But while you are protected by airbags, seatbelts, and the walls of the car when you ride in a car, you don’t have that luxury on a motorbike. If an accident occurs, the rider falls onto the roadway in free flight and, in the worst case, can be crushed by flying parts or other vehicles. For this reason, it is important to take precautions to avoid a motorbike accident.

Tip 1: The right clothes

A good quality helmet can prevent a broken neck when falling off a motorbike and prevent serious abrasions, deep wounds or broken bones. But in fact, the helmet is not compulsory in every country. In some states in the USA, the helmet does not have to be worn at all or only up to a certain age. In African and Asian countries, the helmet requirement is also taken lightly. Only rarely do you see riders protecting themselves sufficiently.

In contrast, there are no regulations whatsoever when it comes to clothing. You can get on your bike in shorts, flip-flops and a tank top – no problem. In fact, this is where the mistake lies. Proper and quality motorcycle clothing from ChromeBurner.com, for example, can prevent serious injuries and protect the body from abrasions. It’s true that it can be cumbersome to wear and transport motorbike jacket, pants, boots, and gloves, but when your life is at stake, it’s more than worth the effort!

Tip 2: The speed

In road traffic, signs always indicate a speed limit. The prescribed number of Km/h is intended to alert road users to dangerous spots and encourage them to be more careful. Nevertheless, these regulations are often circumvented. The result: serious accidents due to careless driving.

Tip3: Beware of other road users

Motorbikes have the advantage of being able to weave quickly and skillfully through traffic. On the freeway, but also in city traffic, there is always a gap that motorcyclists can slip through.

What riders do not count on is the inattention of other road users. Due to the reduced size of motorbikes, it is not always easy to spot the vehicles. Especially on the highway, the two-wheelers are often undetectable among the other cars and trucks. At intersections in the city, trees or houses can obscure the view of the motorbike. Accordingly, you should always keep an eye on all angles and overtake or turn with increased attention. It is also important to remember the blind spot! Truck drivers are sometimes unable to see the position of the motorbike. This is a very common causes for motorcycle accidents!

Tip 4: Safety first

The motorbike is very agile and nimble, which tempts you to risk extravagant stunts. It’s especially fun to lean into the bike when riding serpentine or winding roads. However, this position has already been the undoing of numerous motorcyclists. If you misjudge the total weight and speed, you can easily lose your balance and crash your motorbike to the ground.

Furthermore, motorbikes usually have a higher horsepower rating than cars. Accordingly, they like to take advantage of small clearances to make overtaking maneuvers. In fact, 3/4 of motorbike accidents are collisions with other road users. If motorbikes start to overtake the vehicle in front of them on stretches of road that are not clearly visible, there is a high probability that they will collide with a car in the opposite lane. So it’s worth the wait!

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