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Moving Truck Loading Best Practices

Did you know that for a successful move, it is important to pack and store your belongings in the moving truck? Indeed, there are many tricks to load and unload the truck without damaging your property. It’s all about proper load distribution and some packing tips. This article tells you more.

How to load your moving truck: determine the ideal size of the vehicle

The first thing to do is to determine the right size rental truck . It is better to choose a large truck because the many round trips made with a smaller truck may cost you more. Moreover, you will have no choice but a large truck if you plan to move a piano or any other heavy object.

A rental company should always inform you of the dimensions of their available vehicles, as well as the maximum load they can carry. You should therefore have an idea of ​​the weight of your belongings, especially bulky furniture, to better assess your needs. When renting a van, check that it has a loading dock that will simplify the packing of furniture, boxes and various appliances.

How to load your moving truck: dismantle the furniture

Among the bulky pieces of furniture that can be found in a private home, we find:

The piano,
The washing machine,
The fridge…

Before placing them in the moving truck, it is important to dismantle them. This not only lightens the load, but also better organizes the space in the truck. Also, for moving heavy objects, do not omit this detail. For example, if you place a table as is in a truck, it may take up a lot of space. However, if you remove its feet, you can store it upright on the truck and place its feet in a corner to save more space.

Gather supplies

To move your personal effects, you will need various supplies such as moving boxes, boxes, plastic film, blankets, cushions, polystyrene, tape, adhesive tape, and even a dolly. Indeed, before placing your heavy and fragile objects in the moving truck, you must ensure that they are carefully packed beforehand.

Good packaging will prevent your furniture from banging together and moving around the truck dispatch services company New Mexico during transport. Place your upholstery cushions between objects so they don’t rub against each other. Also, consider using moving straps to hold items in place.

Arrange objects according to their size

Whether you plan to move on your own or hire a professional mover, it is advisable to dispose of heavy items first. It is therefore also necessary to know the weight of your furniture, for example the weight of your piano . They will therefore be placed at the bottom of the moving truck. We can cite bed frames, mattresses, chairs, tables, sofas… Then, arrange the boxes containing medium-sized objects, making sure to put them on furniture and heavy appliances so that they are not not crushed by their weight.

Moreover, it is preferable to put fragile objects such as jewelry and mirrors at the top of the pile. Otherwise, it is better to keep them on hand with your important documents to ensure their safety. Not only is it the best way to protect them, but also not to lose them, knowing that a move is the best time to misplace some belongings.

Hire professionals to move heavy objects

It is important to rely on professional movers to transport heavy furniture. This solution has only advantages:

Optimal security

Truck rental from a specialist in the transport of bulky objects remains the best insurance for a secure transfer . Indeed, the movers are specialized and experienced in the handling of heavy objects. They are therefore the best placed to take on such a mission.

A cheap move

In addition to the rental of moving trucks, specialized companies also offer their transport service to individuals and professionals. You will therefore be able to take advantage of an economical move by directly choosing to hire movers. You will benefit from both the truck and the specific removal equipment used for heavy furniture such as the furniture lift .

A fast and guaranteed transfer

Going through a moving company saves time . Thanks to their expertise, the movers will be able to pack, store and transport your heavy furniture quickly and efficiently. In addition, they stand behind their work to guarantee your peace of mind.

Practical advice

Professionals will be able to determine the ideal van according to the load volume. They also have the necessary expertise to advise you on your moving project.

Moving Truck Loading Best Practices

Moving checklist: preparation beforehand

A good preparation begins in the three months preceding the D-Day. If you have precious objects, already think of a company specializing in the transport of works of art to take care of their move. The preparation includes many elements, namely:

Budget planning
The choice of moving method
Preparing a checklist
A big cleaning
Rental of necessary equipment…

You must also choose the best date for your move. Certain periods such as the approach of the new school year and public holidays are to be avoided because moving companies often display high prices due to a busy schedule. Moreover, if you have to prepare a piano move , it is all the more important to choose the best period to control costs.

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