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Negative Employee Reviews Hurt The Business!

Yes, of course, negative employee reviews are one of the major concerns to every business aiming to extend its brand across several countries. It hurts the evolving venture and even creates a hurdle in its success. In spite of using human resource management software and other RPA-enabled systems, businesses fail to retain their reputation due to these negative contents.

What are negative employee reviews, and how do they impact a business?

Negative employee reviews are obviously done for performances that are not at all accepted and appreciated by the managers, peers, supervisors, or even the customers. Definitely, these kinds of feedback make the concerned person upset but at the same time affect the business as well.

No matter how well you are adapting custom digital transformation solutions, negative reviews are bound to become an obstacle. Not just that they demotivate the employees, but they even hinder the business productivity and efficiency. However, you can’t even avoid them for the sake of your team’s efficiency as well.

Every coin has two sides, and so do the negative reviews. The words might take off the smile of your employees but at the same time give them a chance to optimize their efforts as required. No RPA solutions can work on employee performance and help the team to make improvements.

If you check out the statistics, 76% of potential candidates go through the employee reviews before joining any company. In fact, their joining decision relies on these reviews. The more negative reviews are, the lower will be the percentage of talented individuals. It is obvious that no talented professional will like to be a part of an enterprise that fails to offer a positive employee experience. For them, a positive experience leads to a positive review. Hence, they make an ideal decision.

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How to deal with negative employee reviews?

Dealing with negative and positive reviews of your employees is not an easy task. You need to pay extra attention, especially when you have negative reviews on the row. Keep reading to understand how you should actually generate a positive impact from negative employee reviews.

  1. Take the words seriously: Many of you take negative reviews lightly. You have a misconception that negative employee reviews are better to be avoided. But dear, you are completely wrong! Generation of negative reviews should be considered serious as these words have a direct impact on business workflow. Instead of avoiding them completely, you should go through the words and find the reason behind such negativity. This helps in gaining insights into your employee behavior towards the organization along with their performances. Here you can use human resource management software or performance management system for the same.
  2. Show gratitude: The moment you find the negative content in your feedback generation page, the very first response from your end should be – “Thanks for the feedback.” The response should be prompt and accurate while you deal with these types of reviews. Employee feedback corner is made to drive performance and boost work effectiveness. Hence, there is no point in saying sorry.
  3. Take the conversation offline: Instead of responding to the reviews publicly and adding more stain to your brand, it is better to take the conversation offline. Discussing employee feedback may even involve sharing some sensitive information. Hence, live chats or conversations on the phone can be pretty effective.
  4. Flag reviews: Not all reviews added to the platform are authentic. Hence, you must come up with a smarter approach to determine the right ones from the pool of feedback. To avoid breaking down the brand reputation, start using the flag option to report the unauthentic reviews.

Finishing up

Does your enterprise contain more negative employee reviews than positive? Make sure you follow the above-mentioned steps to rebuild your brand reputation and trigger business growth.

Besides triggering employee experience with knowledge base management software and other digital solutions, you should come up with more advanced training and development programs for your employees. This boosts employee efficiency and pulls up brand productivity levels to a wide extent. Such career scopes encourage peers to share a positive overview of the brand.

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