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Learn to Remove Bad odor from the Toilet with Ease

No stress Tips to remove odor

Have you ever noticed that some bathrooms give off a bad smell? In addition to the discomfort among the people who live in the house, this can embarrass you with visits. So, take advantage of this content to learn some tricks on how to clean the toilet from bad smells. No stress: Learn to Remove Bad odor from the Toilet with Ease

After all, it may happen that you have a decorated and functional bathroom, but you are not managing to resolve the excess smell of sewage and drains. So, the feeling is negative every time you enter this room of the house.

Keep the Bathroom clean:

As an area suitable for gathering fungi and bacteria, the bathroom needs special attention when cleaning. Thus, the ideal is to clean it daily and, once a week, do a more thorough cleaning.

Therefore, there are several brands of disinfectants on the market. It’s just up to you to choose the scent that suits you best. And, presto, your bathroom will always be clean.

Investigate the causes of bad odor

If the strong smell in the bathroom is worrying you, it’s a good idea to investigate the causes of the odor. This is because, many times, the problem can be linked to a structural issue.

Therefore, the bad odor can be related to the leakage of gases from the sewer system. But it also has other origins. Look:

  • Clogging;
  • Dry siphons;
  • Damaged parts;
  • O-ring (between vessel and sewer pipe) cracked.

So, if you’ve tried a few ways to avoid the bad toilet smell and you’ve been unsuccessful, you may need to call a plumber to fix the problem.


Check out homemade recipes on how to get rid of toilet smells:


Here are some homemade recipes on how to remove bad smells from the toilet and bath area that are quite effective. Grab your notebook and write down:




This one is pretty easy. You only need to pour half a cup of white vinegar into the vase and then pour another half cup of baking soda. Therefore, the mixture will bubble and rise. But then just scrub it well with the proper brush and flush.


Hydrogen peroxide:


Another interesting mixture that eliminates the bad smell and, at the same time, cleans the piece, is the following: use two 20-volume bottles of hydrogen peroxide with a portion of baking soda and drops of apple cider vinegar. Finally, pass the mixture in the vase and then clean normally.


clove of India:


In this case you will need 5 cloves, baking soda and a 1 liter glass bottle. First, place the baking soda inside the bottle, halfway through. Afterwards, insert the cloves and add a few drops of the aromatic essential oil of your choice. From there, close the bottle with a tulle and satin ribbon. So, put the bottle in a corner of the bathroom and see how the bad odor will be eliminated. For Drain Cleaning Tips Click here


See how to eliminate the smell that comes from the drain:


And when the unpleasant odor is coming directly from the drain pipe? Then, the tip is to take care of the disinfectants and use a very simple homemade recipe. Check it out below:

First, you should put 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of water in a pot to boil. Afterwards, put 5 scoops of baking soda down the bathroom drain. So, take the mixture after boiling and pour it into the drain. Finally, the plumbing will be cleaner and smell free. Bathroom Decoration Tips

Now, if the problem is punctual, especially on the toilet, invest in other alternatives, such as:

  • Odor blockers;
  • Scented candles;
  • Essences;
  • Room Aromatizer.In short, it is possible to have a bathroom that is always fragrant and comfortable, with the use of a special toilet smell.And then, if other odors bother you, such as the refrigerator, check out the tips in this article published, which provides information about home and decoration for you.

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