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Obstacles faced by a prospective vitiligo bride

and its solution

Vitiligo is caused by the malfunctioning of the immune system. This results in loss of skin’s natural color and the development of white spots.

Medically, it is neither communicable nor dangerous. But as we see the infatuation of our society with the physical appearance and looks when it comes to marriage, prospective vitiligo brides and grooms with vitiligo are always at the receiving end of a good deal of emotional stress and trauma.

Unfortunately, the vitiligo white spots become a major weakness of their personality.

Marriage of vitiligo brides makes strong bonding

Marriage is a lifelong bond that brings joy and happiness along with new challenges and responsibilities. When it comes to a woman, the challenges are all the more.

After marriage, she leaves her parent’s home and joins his husband’s family adapting to the new roles.

vitiligo bride

Hence, it is so important for a newlywed bride with her husband and in-laws to accept and embrace her.

But above all this, marriage brings along an experience of love like no other. Just like everyone else, men and women with vitiligo brides or grooms deserve to endure this love.

The brighter side of vitiligo is that it is not a life-threatening or contagious condition.

So, logically, it should not affect a person’s quality of life. People with vitiligo should be able to live their life just like everyone else. There has been noticeable progress in how people with vitiligo are dealt with in the workplace and educational organizations.

But when it comes to marriage, the leucoderma spots on the skin overshadow all of their attractive personality traits and they are considered ‘lesser than others.

Our society has build-up many taboos and myths around vitiligo that cause prospective brides and vitiligo grooms with all suitable qualities required for a marriage to be left with little to no choice.

Even after marriage, their problems don’t seem to end.  The in-laws and families do not completely accept them because of the baseless stigmas.

These situations trigger anxiety and stress in the person. Ironically, stress is the biggest enemy of vitiligo! It may further aggravate their ailment, which will further worsen their situation.

An ultimate question that comes to our mind is, what wrong have people with vitiligo done? Nothing! They should not have to go through all this for a marriage.

Vitiligo bride: Marrying someone who can relate to your experiences

When one marries a person with similar life experiences, that is, similar skin conditions. They would be able to realize each other’s problems and the baggage of vitiligo would never come in between.

That is exactly why DermaMatrimony.com has come into existence!

DermaMatrimony.com connects people with skin conditions for matchmaking

It is a revolution in the matrimony industry.

DermaMatrimony is a safe matchmaking platform for people with skin conditions like vitiligo, psoriasis, and other chronic skin issues that acts as a means to help people with similar skin conditions to meet and start their journey of love!

DermaMatrimony is creating a huge change in our society You have the power to break the social stigma of vitiligo matrimony.

Our platform is an inclusive one and if someone with no skin ailments believes that skin conditions are not a parameter for marriage, they are welcome on our platform!

DermaMatrimony believes love is a feeling far beyond how we look and we want you to experience this magic!

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