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Free Moving Quotes From Professional Movers

Online Moving Quotes vs. On-Site Inspection?

Choosing the right mover is a crucial part of moving. After all, you are entrusting the moving company with transporting all of your belongings to your new home safely and securely. Obtaining free moving quotes is the first step in hiring professional movers. However, because you have a lot on the line, you should ask a lot of questions while getting and analyzing quotes, and then make your decision carefully.

Make sure to obtain free moving quotes from at least three different moving companies. Accepting an estimate over the phone is never a good idea. The only exception is if you find local movers that charge by the hour and your move is small. Compare the initial quotes, their services, and keep in mind that the cheapest price is not always the best choice.

If you are planning a big move or hiring long-distance movers, always seek moving company quotes after an in-home survey. Take note of how the moving company professional acts during the process. Consider questions like, “Do you feel at ease with this person?” Are they asking the right questions regarding your relocation? If not, continue your search elsewhere.

Here are a few questions you should ask your potential mover:

  • Can the mover transport within the time range you require?
  • If there is anything out of the ordinary about your move, find out how the mover will handle it and whether there will be an additional charge.
  • Will the mover disassemble and reassemble everything at the destination?
  • Is the estimate binding or non-binding?
  • How much do movers charge? Is it dependent on price per pound or volume and distance for out-of-state moving? Is there a flat rate or an hourly rate for local moves? How many people and trucks are you willing to pay for?
  • Do you charge for travel time to and from locations for local moves?
  • Are there any discounts for moving at a specific time of the month?
  • Does the offered liability insurance cover your move if you perform some of the packings yourself? What is the procedure if you buy your liability insurance and need to file a claim?
  • What payment methods does the mover provide?
  • When is payment due? What is the policy on cancellations?
  • Will there be another weigh-in after the initial weigh-in for your household goods to establish the real moving cost?
  • What are your responsibilities to the moving company if your company is paying for the move? Paperwork? Timing?

Questions to Prepared to Answer your Proposed Movers:

  • When do you want to move?
  • How many rooms (including the garage and basement) that the movers will be moving?
  • What kind of moving services do you require?
  • Who will be responsible for packing?
  • Is your company paying for the relocation?
  • Do they have any rules that the movers need to follow?
  • Is this a local or out-of-town relocation?
  • Are there any delivery time constraints, stairs (difficult stairways may incur an additional charge), or elevators?
  • Is it necessary to reserve the elevator?
  • Are there any parking issues in your neighborhood?
  • Are your streets fully accessible?
  • Do you have any particular requests or items that need to be handled specially?

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Being prepared for the above questions will assist both you and the movers in providing the most accurate moving quote. However, don’t wait to hire movers until the last minute. Begin your search as soon as possible.

James White

James White is not a stranger to the moving industry. after a decade of experience and analyzing moving companies I got expertise in providing tips or advice.

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