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What Made Only Fans Suddenly Reverse Its Ban on a Particular Content?

Social networks have traveled a long way from what they were to what they are today. In their journey, they have experienced a lot of ups and downs. Different OnlyFans Clone avenues will be seen in the future and all of them can help in making connections better. Until now, social media has only been looking forward to capitalizing on engagement and participation. Therefore, it meant that the more the participants were, the more money they could make.

The purpose of the social network might remain questionable. But it cannot be denied that it did change the landscape of social networking by a considerable distance. We are talking about the social network called OnlyFans.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans, as we have been discussing until now. It is a premium social network that can let you see content only if you have a paid subscription. The platform came in as a big bliss for people belonging to the adult entertainment industry. There were a lot of adult industry artists whose only source of bread and butter was at OnlyFans. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the platform gave these people much-needed support at a time.

The platform has more than 130 million users more than 2 million content creators. The number of app users stood at about 350,000 in March 2020. It skyrocketed to more than 1 million creators in December 2020. The pandemic and the lockdown played an important role in the growth of OnlyFans Clone.

This contributed to the increase in the number of users. As we have already seen, it also opened up new avenues of learning for people in the erotic domain.

OnlyFans has a profit-sharing model where they created a platform for these people to monetize their content and skills. The platform, after taking a commission for facilitating this participation, pockets the profit.

While on the surface, it may seem like a platform to sell erotic content. The possibilities are quite wide open. Any entrepreneur who develops a platform like OnlyFans can even make it into a place where celebrities. With their real identities, can interact with fans. The same could be used for premieres of certain personal videos, but not to sports and entertainment.

The recent fiasco

OnlyFans, in an attempt to attract investments, suddenly made a statement in early August 2021. Telling that it will no longer entertain adult content on the website/platform starting October 2021. The platform was quick to blame banks, making it difficult to fulfill payments for the creators.

Pandemonium broke loose for all people who have been depending on the platform as their biggest source of income. The creators felt betrayed at the very mention of this news. Few of them felt that OnlyFans had conveniently capitalized on the skills of these creators. Some ruthlessly abandoned them when the platform was getting its investment, good enough for it to fuel its advertising.

Some creators hold an authoritative position in the self-governing organizations for sex workers and adult entertainers. Even resorted to passively boycotting OnlyFans until there was some kind of consensus. Some of them have gone on to make glaring statements telling that there is no reason for them to be loyal to the platform.

The U-turn

Within a week of OnlyFans making that statement. It reversed the statement telling that it will allow all kinds of content. OnlyFans success will make the livelihood of many of its content creators and gives its creators a sign of relief. In addition, it also opens up new opportunities and new dimensions of thinking concerning premium social networking.

The opportunities that lie ahead

There are multiple dimensions in which you can view this decision-reversal. On one side, it can be will be seen that the cultural barriers. That will be thought to impede the consumption of adult content do not exist. While the number of people watching adult content on an open site can be considered quite different. The number of people who are willing to pay for premium adult content is an explicit indicator of people consuming such content.

In another dimension, the success of OnlyFans opened the floodgates to premium content. If people can readily consume adult content. They are more likely to consume content that closely relates to their favorite celebrity. Even the famous brand could even be a sports franchise.

The profits

OnlyFans makes its profits from multiple avenues, making it one of the most lucrative niches in the on-demand spectrum.

Since there is no restriction on the kind of content, the possibility of consumption also proportionally increases. Premium social networks would be a profitable niche because every user is a direct profit for the business. This is quite unlike mainstream social networks like Facebook which can only indirectly translate the user count into revenue.

As we have already seen, the app charges a 20% commission from the earnings of the creators. In addition, to what they charge from the customers, the 20% commission that they charge from content creators. It goes directly to the OnlyFans Clone platform. Or, a pay-per-view which translates into higher profit for the premium social network.

It is quite evident that a premium social network like OnlyFans is a profitable business. An aspiring entrepreneur could very well build such a platform and make their profit out of it in different niches. However, building the app from scratch would be a cumbersome and daunting undertaking.

Enter white label OnlyFans clone

Alternatively, the entrepreneur can depend on a white label OnlyFans clone script. The OnlyFans clone platform is simple and easy to customize, and it can be made to bear the features and interface of your choice. It also has a host of advantages.

It saves a lot of time and money, and both of them, as any business owner would know, are crucial resources. If you can launch your app faster than your competitors, you have a better likelihood to win the competition. The white label OnlyFans clone script is also vastly scalable.


Now that you know the awesomeness of a white label clone script of a premium social network like OnlyFans. You can choose the company for creating the app as per your business needs. They will take care to understand your requirements. They will present you with a perfect OnlyFans like app in a very short stretch of time. So you can launch yourself into this space of profitability!


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