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Perfect Gift Ideas for the Women in your Life

We all know that one woman who is impossible to shop for.

She’s the one who has everything or says she doesn’t want anything. But this holiday season, you can get her a sustainable gift that she’ll love – and that won’t break the bank. Also, finding the perfect estate for the extraordinary women in your life can be challenging and time-consuming. But with a bit of thought and creativity, it’s easy to find something that celebrates her unique style and personality – sustainable gifts that will make her happy, healthy, and stylish! And remember, it’s not about getting her the most expensive or popular gift – it’s about finding something she will love and appreciate. With that in mind, happy shopping! Here are some perfect sustainable gift ideas for the women in your life!


Kooshoo Plastic Free Scrunchies- 

This brand has modernized the Scrunchie category because they are the first brand to make plastic-free, zero-waste scrunchies. Because it is made from super-soft, breathable and gentle organic cotton, it performs better than other scrunchies. They have a wide, vibrant color to choose from that will make any outfit look good. Their tagline is Good Design, Good Purpose, and Good Hair because every part of this scrunchie is made by keeping the planet and people in mind. It is 100% Vegan Biodegradable and easily washable. 


Scoria Blossom Cork Yoga Mat- 

This mat is one of the best gifts for women because every woman wants a summer body now and better than a mat with non-slip properties. So what makes this mat better is that it is made from a natural rubber tree, unlike other yoga mats made from synthetic PVC. This yoga mat also has an anti-microbial cork surface that keeps the odor away. Because the materials produced in this mat are sustainably harvested, it makes a perfect and gentle yoga mat. The thickness of Scoria Blossom’s Yoga Mat is 4.5mm. 


RE/DONE Comfort Stretch Ultra High Rise Stove Pipe-

One of the most popular gifts for women this year is denim/jeans. What makes this denim unique is its style, fit, and comfort. RE/DONE’s denim is Ultra High Rise in Vintage Indigo color and has a classic fly button. The fabric is 96% cotton which makes it surfer soft. This brand uses old, worn-out denim and reuses the material to make the new pair of denim. 


Parker Clay Merkato Signature Leather Tote Bag- 

One of the classics bestsellers of Parker Clay is this tote bag which is versatile and has fantastic quality. Every minute detail of this bag is thoughtfully designed, like the strap of the bag is of the perfect length to keep you comfortable. It is also spacious and can incorporate many items in the bag. Parker Clay’s tote bags are made with Ethiopian leather and are available in four colors. We recommend this gift from this list of best gifts for women. 


Nordstrom Jewellery Wipe Compact-

So this is one of the top gifts that women are looking out for as this is a different and unique gift. So this compact is travel friendly and has 25 wipes that polish your jewelry. And protect your precious metal. Even your jewelry needs attention, so why not gift your women this generous gift?  


Bloom Choker- 

This choker from Chic Made Consciously is a handmade choker created from tubes of tires. This choker is handcrafted by their artisans who are from Bali. It is one of the best gifts for women as it is an environmentally responsible product. The best part about this Bloom Choker is that it requires very little maintenance, as it is coated with coconut oil. However, if there is a need to shine it up a little bit, coconut oil can be used to coat the choker. 


Audiobook Gift Membership- 

One of the most popular gifts for women this year, an audiobook membership, is a gift that will increase critical thinking and comprehension skills, thereby also improving one’s knowledge. Libro.FM’s audiobook gift membership comes in 3 different plans of three months, six months, and twelve months. These audiobooks have a low carbon footprint making them eco-friendly. This is the perfect last-minute gift for women as you can send it immediately via email; or if you pre-plan this, you can send it with a printed certificate. They have got a wide variety of audiobooks for people who like history, sports, or the environment. 


Final Thoughts- 

So there you have it – our top gift picks for the women in your life. We hope this list helps take some of the stress out of finding the perfect present and that you have a happy holiday season!

You can check out more information about vegan and sustainable products in various categories on GoodGuilt. GoodGuilt features more such brands that promote sustainability and are trying to save the planet with their products.

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