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Personal Branding Strategy: A Roadmap for Professionals


Personal Branding Strategy: A Roadmap for Professionals – Who are you and what is it that you do for the community? Are you the change you wish to see in the world? When you have the answer to these questions, that is when you know what your brand is. The task does not seem easy, and it isn’t. We live in a world of seven billion people, and you need to figure out what is it that stands out about you from the rest.


Build your brand

To build your brand, you need to ensure that you never lose sight of the end goal. Do not forget why you started and no matter how many tasks you have in hand, they should be covered by your personal brand. Ensure that your colleagues and subordinates understand the same. Choose your company wisely so the people around you can help you be remembered by your brand.  Career Development Coaching

My quick tip on personal branding is to remember you are your brand, no matter what your current job is, what project you happen to be working on at any one time or whatever the priority happens to be today… always keep in mind the impact you leave on others and remember all we have is our own reputation and that’s our brand, so be awesome to each other!

– Michelle Phan, Makeup Personality


Personal Branding Strategy

Remember not to fake anything when building your brand. Let people know where are you coming from, what were the life changes that led you to where you are or what was your thought process when you were choosing your career path. Provide them with relatability. Own up to your struggle, and own up to your privilege. When people relate and see someone coming from the place that they are in, that is when your brand will speak to them. This is also where your storytelling skills come into place. Communication Skills Coaching

“The most effective personal branding strategy these days is to build a true narrative – single character monologues are boring in Tinseltown, and even more boring for your personal brand.”

-Allen Gannett, chief strategy officer at Skyword and author of The Creative Curve

Throughout our life, we are often asked who our role model is or who is it that we look up to. Growing up, one does not realise how important a role model or an inspiration is to their personal brand. When I look up to someone who is in the same field as I am or I aspire to be, it becomes easier for me to stay on track and define the course of my professional or personal journey.

Role Model

The said role model now helps me understand how high the bar is and what is it that I need to do to let my work and brand speak for themselves without me having to explain it.  They say consistency is key, and it is when building your brand. You cannot work hard for a week and expect people to remember you for an entire year.

Put in efforts every day, provide content and services every day, reach out to your audiences every day and connect with them in every possible way.  Most importantly, evolve with the times so that your brand is never labelled “outdated.” While you are at it, remember that failure is part of the process and even when you seem to have hit a dead-end, it is just an opportunity for you to choose a different path that’ll lead you to the same destination. Entrepreneurial skills coaching

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