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An everyday carry knife is often referred to as a city knife. This is an emergency accessory, you never know when it will come in handy, but without it, a trifling task can turn out to be a real problem. A pocket knife for every day is usually denoted by the abbreviation of the English letters EDC.

This term consists of the first letters of the words “Every day carry”, which translates as “every day to carry.” By the way, not only knives are called this way. But also other items that it is customary to always have at hand outside the home – keys, documents, a bag, a watch, a phone, etc. Let’s talk about how to choose the best knife for every day so that he can always help you out at the right time.


According to the type of opening, all pocket knives are divided into three main types:


You will have to manually remove the blade and return it to the handle groove, and doing this with one hand can be problematic.


This Pocket knife opens with the push of a button and closes manually.


The blade is equipped with a mechanism that allows you to both release and close the blade using a button or lever.

The opening mechanism can affect the price of the product. The most economical and durable are mechanical knives, but they are inferior in terms of ease of use to other varieties. Depending on the type of opening, the types of blade holders also differ. It can be a spring, a lever, a bolt lock, a pin, and others. Their task is to securely hold the blade inside the case and prevent unplanned opening.


When choosing an everyday knife, special attention should be paid to its dimensions and weight. Because the product will have to be carried “on oneself” all the time, and together with other heavy accessories. The burden can turn out to be unbearable. Every gram counts. The city knife should be light and miniature, with a pocket blade. Fixed blades are not the best option, there is too high a chance of injuring yourself, damaging the bag or surrounding objects, even if the knife is sheathed.

The size and weight of a pocket knife depend on the length of the blade. For an urban environment, the best option is a blade no longer than 10 cm and weighing up to 150 g.

It is also important that the knife lies comfortably in the hand, so the size of the handle deserves attention. should be no less than the width of your palm, then the grip will be reliable and comfortable. It is also undesirable to have a large number of protrusions and notches on the handle. They will cause discomfort to the palm when using the product.

pocket knife
pocket knife


Good everyday knives have a thick blade, allowing you to perform work that involves lateral bending of the blade. Due to the increased thickness of the blade and a powerful tip. It will be possible not only to open the packages of goods but also to punch through denser materials, if necessary – plywood or plastic. The steel of the blade must be not only strong and resistant to impacts, but also able to keep sharpening for a long time and withstand heavy loads.

With such requirements in mind, a reasonable choice for a knife for everyday use is a piece made of Japanese AUS-8 or VG-10 high-carbon steel with Damascus or chrome-plated stainless steel facings. These types of alloys are moderately hard, resistant to corrosion, and able to maintain sharpening for a long time. Steel hardness below 55 HRC is more suitable for souvenir knives,

When choosing a knife for every day, you should give preference to a smooth cutting edge. It is more versatile than a serrated (serrated). And sharpening a smooth blade is easier. Combined options are also acceptable. When part of the blade (usually at the base) has a serrated sharpening, and the rest is smooth.


As for the handle, it must also be durable and wear-resistant. The most practical materials are composites, polymers, titanium, micarta. Handles made of wood are also acceptable if they are of high quality and treated with special hygroscopic compounds. The metal handles are strong enough, but they cool the hand and can slip in a wet palm.

pocket knives for every day from the Japanese brand Tojiro – the best value for money. These blades are made of Japanese steel, which is popular with the world’s leading manufacturers. And the design and ergonomics are thought out to the smallest detail. In our online store, you can buy real pocket knives of Japanese brands. At an affordable price with a manufacturer’s warranty. The quality of which is confirmed by certificates and the experience of millions of consumers around the world.

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