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Popular And Offbeat Activities To Do In Dharamshala

Dharamshala is a name that doesn’t require a formal introduction. Dharamshala is a quaint hill town in Himachal Pradesh. It is surrounded by the snow-capped Himalayas and famous with a spectacular backdrop. This place once served as the summer capital of the British during the Colonial Era. Hence, it is a major site where one can still witness a pre-dominant victorian touch in ancient architectural marvels. Engage yourself in the plethora of activities to do in Dharamshala.

It wouldn’t be wrong in saying that Dharamshala stays in the top 10 holiday destinations in North India. There are many tourist attractions in Dharamshala and tourists flock to those spots on a large scale. Whether you desire to participate in adventure or admire the bewitching nature, Dharamshala will do justice. Hence, you must buy a customized Dharamshala holiday package from your tour operator.

But wait! There’re a lot of secret things to do in Dharamshala. We know you’re curious to know those.

Dive In And Found Out Activities To Do In Dharamshala

  • The Cultural Heritage

Dharamshala houses famous heritage sites and religious places. Monasteries, temples, and churches are in abundance in Dharamshala. Namgyal Monastery, Tsuglagkhang Monastery, Nechung Monastery, St. John in The Wilderness, BK Meditation Center, Kali Mata Mandir, Kasumber Devta Temple, etc., are some prominent religious sites in Dharamshala. On religious occasions and events, the decoration of these places is awesome that reflects the zealous aura.

  • Sumptuous Tibetan Cuisine

The Tibetan lifestyle dominates a major chunk of Dharamshala. Here you can relish the taste of lip-smacking Tibetan delicacies. Whether it is a restaurant or a roadside hawker, the authentic taste of food is famous in Dharamshala. Enjoy here some finger-licking Tibetan dishes like different types of momos, thukpa, tudkiya rice, shapta, Dham, and more.

  • Local Shopping

Quaint places like Dharamshala are renowned for their local markets. These bustling markets are popular among tourists. Hand-woven baskets, stone jewelry, woolens, handbags, caps, mufflers, footwear, and a lot more can be found in the marketplaces of Dharamshala. A bit of bargaining will bring down the actual price. Exploring some cafes in your tour program is very interesting. This hill town has beautiful nightlife. You can sip a latte while enjoying the calm night.

  • Trekking

Hills and trekking activities are attached together. This place is a great destination for adventure if trekking is in your mind.

 Trekking is one of the prominent activities to do in Dharamshala. The trek trail of Triund is a spectacular place to push your potential. Throughout the activity, trekkers come across enchanting views of the valley and meadows that are just breathtaking! Feel your adrenaline rushing down the bloodstream by joining the trekking group for Triund.

  • Hiking

The blood bond between hiking and hill towns is unbreakable. Just like trekking, people enjoy hiking in Dharamshala. Hiking amid the beautiful trails and exploring obscure places is simply amazing. Local villages like Dharamkot and Naddi are great options for a day’s hike. While hiking, you can also follow the Bhagsu trail for a hike leading towards the bewitching Bhagsu Waterfall, one of the famous tourist attractions in Dharamshala.

  • Photography

Dharamshala is a photographer’s haven. Photographers like the snow-clad Himalayas, towering pine, and deodar trees. A lot of people choose special photography tour packages for Dharamshala to capture the alluring nature in their cameras. Not just Indians, but foreigners also throng to click the bewitching nature. Hence, photography is one of the vital things to do in Dharamshala.

  • Paragliding

Not exactly in Dharamshala, the adventure of paragliding can be enjoyed in Bir Biling. It is near the hill town where you can get a bird’s eye view of the entire valley. Many tourists from different Indian cities, and overseas, frequently visit Bir Biling for experiencing paragliding.

  • Meditation

No other place is perfect for meditation rather than mountains. Mental wellness is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and hence, people flock to Dharamshala for meditating. There are different ashrams like Himachal Vipasna, Brahmakumari Dharamshala, Radha Swami Satsang, etc for meditation. Here people experience mental peace and wellness. These centers are included in Dharamshala tourist spots.

  • Camping

Yes, you read that right! Camping in Dharamshala is another reason for its popularity. There are different camping spots in Dharamshala, especially around the trekking and hiking trails. 

Setting up the camp and celebrating the evening around a bonfire will delight you for sure.

  • Exploring The Ancient

If someone says that Dharamshala lacks the flavor of history, tell’em about the marvelous Masrur. Built centuries ago, Masrur is a great example of Indian rock-cut architecture. The place was carved out of a single rock. Tourists come here to see this amazing Masrur from different parts of the world.

Dharamshala Awaits You

Plan a Dharamshala tour with your beloved one and get the witness of this heavenly place. Relish the taste of these above-mentioned beautiful adventure activities and start a tour with a bang.

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