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Portable Weather Station-Weather Monitoring System

Portable Weather Station-Weather Monitoring System

The automatic weather station monitors environmental element information through sensors, such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, etc. which are all monitored by corresponding sensors.

The meteorological element information monitored by sensors is also collected by the collector, and the meteorological element data collected by the collector is transmitted to the back-end computer through traditional modules. Users also can directly see the information of various meteorological elements in the background computer terminal.

Automatic weather station is a multi-factor automatic weather station developed and produced according to the meteorological observation standard of WMO. It also can monitor wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, air pressure, rainfall, soil temperature and humidity and other conventional meteorological elements, with automatic recording, overrun alarm and data communication functions.

The automatic weather station consists of meteorological sensor, meteorological data recorder and meteorological environment monitoring software. Widely used in industrial and agricultural production, tourism, scientific research, meteorology and other urban environmental monitoring.

weather station

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Functional features of automatic weather station:

  • 1, collector: the use of industrial processing chip, with ABS shell, the overall lightweight, strong and beautiful. With 192*64 full dot LCD display, can also complete the graphics display or 12*4 Chinese characters display (optional 7 inch LCD display screen), suitable for all kinds of harsh environment.
  • 2. The automatic weather station has the function of external USB disk storage expansion.
  • 3, sensor: environmental temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, soil temperature, soil humidity sensor, soil PH, soil salt, rainfall sensor, total radiation sensor, carbon dioxide, sunshine hours and other meteorological elements sensor (can be select according to demand).
  • 4. Support: the surface of the main rod is process by hot-dip galvanizing and electrostatic spraying technology, with strong corrosion resistance. The height of the main rod is 3.5 meters, and it is equip with windproof cable.
  • 5. One set of meteorological data analysis software:
  • Data query: Supports the query, export, and print of real-time and historical data in any time period.
  • statistics: Supports single factor statistics: Displays maximum, minimum, and average values of a single factor by year, month, day, hour, 10 minutes, or any time period.
  • chart function: real-time curve can be form according to the collected data, and can be present in columnar chart, pie chart and other intuitive ways.

Installation requirements of automatic weather station:

1, automatic weather station installation requirements surrounding open environment can not have too high buildings block. Higher buildings can affect air circulation, affect wind speed monitoring, block the sun, affect temperature measurement, etc.;

2. Automatic weather stations should be install 200 meters away from railways, 100 meters away from electrified railways. 30 meters away from highways, and away from high magnetic field equipment such as transformers, because of sensor data and electronic equipment. High magnetic field will affect the accuracy of monitoring results;

3, the installation of the automatic weather station to take gently, because the equipment itself precision so gentle treatment of the instrument. Not rough treatment of the equipment, do not graffiti on the equipment! It is also  best to have special personnel to guide installation, or special personnel to install personally.

Application range of weather station

Meteorological stations can also be use in meteorology, agriculture, forestry, environment. Colleges and universities. Scientific research institutions or networking in airports, transportation, hydrology, polar expedition and many other fields of meteorological research. And is suitable for field research and experimental application.

Weather station equipment communication mode

The meteorological monitor also is mainly install in the field. The data transmission is mainly compose of GPRS data transmission network. Data receiving server and client (server and client can be the same computer).

Basic information of weather station

  • 1. The meteorological observation bracket is mad of carbon steel with good corrosion resistance. Which can be operate in all kinds of harsh outdoor environment for a long time and adapt to all kinds of complicated weather.
  • 2. The height of the mounting bracket also is 3m, and the weather sensor is install in a standard way.
  • 3, the system also has a variety of power supply modes, AC and DC dual-use or with solar cell power supply
  • 4, reliable three protection design, protection also level reaches IP65, perfect lightning protection, anti-interference and other protection measures.
  • 5, can support a variety of indoor and outdoor display, display also can choose monochrome, double colour, full colour screen.
  • 6, the working temperature also  is -30℃~80℃, the working humidity is 0~, the wind resistance grade: ≤75m/s.
  • 4, reliable three protection design, protection also level reaches IP65, perfect lightning protection, anti-interference and other protection measures.
  • 5, can support a variety of indoor and outdoor display, display also can choose monochrome, double colour, full colour screen.

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