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More Flexibility Than An In-House Team

One of the primary reasons why many companies use the services of professional SEO agency Belfast is for the flexibility offered by this type of service provider compared to hiring in-house staff.

Indeed, affording a professional SEO team in-house is expensive, engaging, and administratively “heavy” for the company.

When SEO expertise needs are ad hoc, especially in niches that are not very competitive, it is often interesting for companies in these sectors to use SEO agencies who can mobilize their teams for the work to be done that is really necessary.

2- Get a fresh look at your SEO strategy

Whether you have an in-house team specializing in natural referencing or not, obtaining an external point of view on optimizing your site for SEO often allows you to obtain new relevant avenues for improvement to be explored.

Thus, ordering a one-time SEO audit from an SEO agency on the technical, semantic, and/or net linking aspects will offer a fresh look and potential interesting opportunities for optimizing SEO positioning in the short, medium, and long term.

3- Obtain the services of experts specialized in their respective fields

Within a specialized SEO agency or an agency with a dedicated SEO division such as the Ads Up agency’s SEO team, several complementary expert profiles work on SEO campaigns on a daily basis.LinkedIn marketing agency

We often forget it but the profession of SEO involves so many different skills that it is rare for a single person to be able to master them all well.

This is why in agencies, several profiles are required to work on the same SEO support: a profile specialized in technical SEO, a profile specialized in semantic and on-site SEO, and a profile specialized in net linking for the implementation of the backlink building strategy.

This type of organization by specialization allows each professional to become every day even more expert in his field while guaranteeing the customer a quality of service that is difficult to compare with another mode of operation.

4- Take advantage of expertise confronted with various themes and levels of competition

The fact that SEO agencies work simultaneously on dozens of different projects and sites is very interesting for clients. They thus benefit from expertise confronted with the field on a daily basis and tested on various themes and sites.

Unlike an internal SEO team which will often be faced with the same SEO issues and the same level of competition on the targeted keywords, a specialized agency SEO team is often faced with a wide variety of issues and significant levels of competition. which allows them to develop advanced skills, tested and validated on many different sites.

5- Increase the skills of its internal teams

Whether through a training service or simply through the many exchanges integrated throughout the agency’s service, using an SEO agency will promote the development of internal teams’ skills on all issues related to natural referencing.

6- Take advantage of proven methodologies on many sites

Thanks to their varied experiences and projects, the agencies must set up support and project management methodologies for the management of their clients.

On the customer side, calling on an SEO agency is often reassuring since the support processes are clearly explained before the sale.

7- Benefit from professional SEO tools

When working on optimizing a site for SEO, it is important to have professional tools for many use cases:

  • follow its positions,
  • analyze its competitors,
  • perform semantic analysis,
  • discover backlink opportunities,
  • perform a site crawl,
  • collect and analyze logs,
  • technically audit its website,
  • ….

Acquiring the right tools for each action can quickly prove to be costly for a company that will have to multiply monthly or annual subscriptions without having a sufficiently regular use to justify the investment.

As specialized professionals, SEO agencies must be equipped with the best SEO software on the market. During services, customers, therefore, benefit indirectly from the use of professional tools that they will not, however, have to pay directly on their side.

8- Take advantage of targeted SEO expertise

SEO of e-commerce sites, videos, mobile applications, and media,  as we have already mentioned, the job of SEO is very diversified. It is therefore not uncommon for SEO agencies to intervene “in reinforcement” on very specific subjects, less mastered by the internal team.

Choosing the right agency is the key to success

The natural referencing of a site is both so strategic and so sensitive that it is risky for a company to call on an unrecognized service provider. The choice of agency is therefore strategic.

As in any business, not all SEO agencies are created equal. Depending on the objectives of your business and your budget, it is therefore recommended to put several providers in competition to make the right choice.



Benefit from expert knowledge to improve yourself 

You can completely optimize SEO yourself. However, to ensure a successful strategy, working with experts is the most effective solution. Thanks to their expertise, they will be able to provide solutions to your problems, in particular the problems of low traffic … Experts in the field of natural referencing will analyze your website and recommend it to you to make personalized recommendations. You will have a tailor-made service, adapted to the constraints of your field of activity! Therefore, collaborating with professional SEO agency Belfast is a guarantee to increase traffic, attract leads, and therefore convert leads into customers.

Improve your position with powerful reference techniques 

Entrusting your SEO strategy to a specialized company means benefiting from expert analysis. She applies proven methods that guarantee results. An SEO expert will apply a relevant methodology to enhance your natural referencing. He will therefore proceed to: 

  • the SEO audit: this first step is very important because it will determine the content of the following steps. It is during the SEO audit that the consultant will make an inventory to see the strengths and weaknesses of the website;
  • competitive analysis: the agency will analyze the SEO parameters of your main competitors. It should be able to tell you, among other things, which words and phrases are in your competitors’ position and why they appear in front of you on Google’s SERPs;
  • Keyword Research: Using powerful tools, your service provider will take the time to find the words and phrases that best reflect the needs of your potential customers. This step is important because it is what will allow you to generate traffic and convert your leads;
  • on-site optimization: your service provider will provide you with a list of areas for improvement related to your markup, H1 tags, meta description, or ALT image. He will also give you advice to improve your internal network and your backlinks;
  • off-site optimization: to position yourself at the top of the Google search engine SERPs, on-site optimization is not enough. The SEO team will go beyond these criteria by providing you with off-site recommendations. She will recommend an appropriate matchmaking strategy. This can take different forms. For example, she can choose influencer blogs to get your backlinks.
  • content writing: content quality is an important factor for Google. It is therefore recommended to regularly produce qualitative content. It will be faithful support for your readers and a good process to improve your website traffic.


When you begin your mate search, look for the following characteristics. They are the sign of an SEO authority.

A personalized strategy 

SEO doesn’t just improve rankings. Indeed, it is also about generating relevant and quality traffic. Good grades can help. Creating content that engages visitors and converts prospects into customers is better. A good agent will chat with you to understand your goals and services. She will know how to use this data to create a unique strategy because there is no single magic formula when it comes to professional SEO agencies in Belfast.

White hat method 

It is essential to judge whether your future partner uses the white hat technique. There are SEO tactics that get results faster by manipulating the system against tool guidelines or trying to manipulate Google’s ranking algorithm. If this leads to rapid progress, the consequences for companies that opt ​​for this type of approach could be significant.

Walk the talk

A competent SEO agency will keep its promises and do its best to meet expectations while a highly competent SEO agency will prove that its campaigns and methods work. She will share with you data, recommendations, case studies, and completed projects for other clients. These successful agencies aren’t afraid to share information about their past work or the strategies they employ. They will also not hesitate to engage in deeper dialogues on more complex and related topics. Indeed, SEO is only one acquisition channel among others, a good agency must have an overview of digital channels.

Appropriate analysis tools 

Effective strategies can be implemented without the need for expensive software. An agency must at least train its employees and clients in the use of the Google suite: Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Search Console. Not only must able to configure Google Analytics. and extract the necessary and relevant data. It is also important that she knows how to explain them to you in a simple and understandable way.

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