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Pros and Cons of Laravel Development

Laravel Development

There are a number of PHP frameworks available to develop web apps for companies having an online presence. All of them are full of features and offer various benefits. Laravel is a common example of it. But, laravel development also has some problems along with a number of benefits. Learn a detailed list of its pros and cons.

Pros of Laravel

Complete documentation

Every developer has to learn about the framework in order to get the most out of it. Hence, it is essential that it should have complete documentation by which developers and other people could know about the traits it offers. Every laravel development company benefits from the great documentation that this framework offers. All the classes and functions are described in detail with related code. This practice is followed with the release of every version and hence is getting more popular across the developers.

Fast development cycle

The time taken for the development of a web app has much importance. Various firms need a new web app for their multiple businesses or need to get updated on the older ones. Laravel supports the MVC architecture, which means that it can be divided into layers. The application layer is separated from the presentation layer. Hence, multiple teams can work on the different modules concurrently, which means the quick completion of the web solutions. Further, the integration of new modules also becomes much easier with the help of this framework.

Abundance of resources 

The Laravel is an open-source platform and offers many solutions free of cost. A laravel development agency chicago prefers to use this framework as it makes the development process much easier. Some common resources it offers are the libraries, packages, and the features like the addition of different mail options. A developer can add the desired number of libraries with the already written code. Moreover, there is huge community support for the Laravel developers. They can discuss the issues with this online community if they are stuck somewhere during the development phase.

Eloquent ORM for databases

Database interaction is the most fundamental thing happening all the time with web apps. Hence, it is vital to have a mechanism by which the business administration can easily change or modify the database records. Firms providing the services of Laravel development in chicago il prefer this framework for its database interaction ease. Eloquent query scopes are a handy way of doing so. Businesses can easily update, delete, or alter the database records using this rational object mapper

Cons of Laravel

Need to get updated frequently

Among the fewer lacking factors that make this framework a bit confusing to choose is the need to update it. This framework is launched a couple of years ago and is still under the development process. Hence, a laravel development agency chicago needs to update it for having the latest added libraries, functions, and packages. But, it is the case with almost all the frameworks. However, up to some extent, it is not that much problematic for experienced developers. Also, there is always some new addition of features with every update.

No support for shared hosting

Another big disadvantage of Laravel is that it does not support shared hosting. However, it is possible to opt for it, but it requires some kind of patches to make it work. Any experienced firm providing services of laravel development in chicago il will not recommend it because of the issues it creates. It lowers down the speed of web apps, and hence customers can switch to an alternative option because of facing inconvenience. The bandwidth speed gets lower, and the shared server responds late to the client queries. Therefore, it is not considered an option for the web apps developed in this framework.

A bit complex to learn

Laravel offers advanced functionalities and some out of box solutions to the commonly occurring problems during the development. Every laravel development company prefers hiring experienced developers as it requires time to learn this framework. However, yet it takes more time to completely master it as the new additions are also made over time. But, complete documentation of the functions and classes is provided to learn about all functionalities. Moreover, the huge online community also solves this problem in an outstanding manner by providing a quick solution to every problem.

No built-in support functions

Laravel has limited inbuilt support, which makes it a bit complicated. However, there are various third-party APIs and tools that solve this problem by integrating them with it. However, it is an unwise practice to develop large applications with a number of features. Too much addition will not keep it lightweight enough to provide high performance. Django and Ruby on rails offer more support in comparison to this framework. But on the other hand, it provides various other advantages that other frameworks are unable to offer.

In the end, it is much easy to conclude that just like the other frameworks, laravel development also has some disadvantages. However, the list of benefits it offers is much longer. Additionally, there are multiple solutions to all the problems with it that developers can use to create advanced web apps with a number of features.

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