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Reasons Behind The Earwax Blockage

The ear is an important body part that helps in listening by sending signals to the brain. Like other body parts, it also requires proper care. However, sometimes the problem of ear infection and ache could occur due to several reasons. But one common cause is ear wax blockage. Earwax is a waxy substance that is produced by the ear canal. This waxy substance is formed to protect the ear from dust and foreign particles. Earwax also works to prevent the water from entering the ear canal while bathing or showering. The wax makes its own way to wash away from the ear through the canal.

How Does Blockage Occur With Earwax?

Sometimes the ear glands form wax which is unnecessary and cause blockage by becoming hard. It might persuade you to clean the wax using cotton swabs which are commonly available. Therefore, in an attempt to clean the wax, you can accidentally push it deeper into the ear. The wax could become hard and then cause blockage in the ear. Sometimes it becomes the primary cause of temporary hearing loss. It is important to take necessary precautions while cleaning up the ear buildup to prevent any hearing problems.

Possible Causes Of Ear Wax Blockage

Your ears might be prone to excess earwax buildup, which is not really necessary. However, the buildup of wax cannot automatically lead to blockage. But, the problem triggers at home, especially when you try to remove the wax on your own. Excess use of cotton swabs and bobby pins may lead to blockage by pushing the wax deeper into the ears. Wearing earphones continuously is also a major cause of this blockage. Hence, earphones prevent the wax from coming out from the ear through the natural cycle. Therefore, blockage occurs when there is no way for the ear canal to remove wax and causes obstruction. 

Some Medical Causes For Blockage Of Earwax

  • Bony blockage can occur due to chronic irritation of a bone and injury.
  • Narrowing of the ear canal can trigger excess buildup and blockage of wax in the ears. However, it can be treated using ear drops.
  • Ear eczema is also a primary cause of excess wax buildup. This can also lead to temporary hearing loss from permanent deafness.
  • Swimming can also cause infection in the ears if they remain wet for longer. It can grow bacteria and fungi in the ear canal that causes blockage.

How To Identify Symptoms Of Ear Wax Blockage?

The color of earwax can vary from light yellow to dark brown. But, if you see the darker wax lurking inside the ear, do not panic. It is not necessary to have a sign of blockage at all. Here are some symptoms that can help you know the occurrence of ear obstruction.

  • Temporary loss of hearing that would be sudden.
  • You can feel tingling in the ear continuously, even while eating.
  • Mild to severe pain in the ear
  • The feeling of fullness in the ear and surrounding skin
  • It is important to know that jammed earwax can cause infection in the ear if left untreated. It could appear more harsh symptoms that might need you to rush to the doctor.
  • Pain in the ear which is not reducing
  • Ear drainage is a sign of infection.
  • Ear odor
  • Partial loss of hearing
  • And fever etc

However, hearing loss might have other underlying causes. So, you must seek medical assistance to know the exact cause.

Effective Treatment For Earwax

Well, the problem of earwax blockage is common with many young and older adults. But the thing is that you should not attempt to remove the wax following a DIY approach. It can lead to further complications that can cause emergency situations. Here are some viable solutions to this problem.

Earwax Softening

Earwax softening can do effective work by moving the jammed wax in the ear. There are ear drops available in the market that you can purchase. Moreover, the use of glycerin, mineral oil, and baby oil can also do this work. But, it is necessary to visit a nearby urgent healthcare clinic to make the right use of medicinal ear drops for softening.

Ear Irrigation

It is another useful treatment that can help with unclogging of earwax. It works with the insertion of warm water into the ear using the syringe. The water can soften the wax and remove it completely from the ear canal. However, this procedure requires accuracy and experience, so you must get it done by a professional. Excess use of water can cause dizziness and an injury, so precaution and safe use is a must. But this is an effective way to get rid of excess wax in the ears.

Specialized Tools

You can get help from your doctor to remove the wax using manual techniques with specialized tools. The irrigation, suction, and use of a small curved instrument can help with this situation.

To Sum Up

Earwax formation is a natural way that leads to ear health. However, the occurrence of ear wax blockage can sometimes become a problem. Therefore, you must not ignore it longer and take necessary actions. You must not trust DIY attempts and get professional help for earwax removal. A medical professional can evaluate the blockage to follow effective treatment for deriving expected outcomes. It would remove the wax without risk of ear infection and pain.


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