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Refresh Your Female Wardrobe in 3 Steps!

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Bored with your wardrobe? Concerned about what your clothes are saying about you? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your clothes. However, if you’re conscious of the environment, you want quality wear that will last a lifetime, so fewer items end up in a landfill.

What are your options? You’ve heard of custom embroidery Sydney locals are so fond of. Perhaps you can get some embroidery done on a hat, a bag, or a shirt? What kinds of shoes can you accessorize with, and do you need some new jewelry or makeup? Here are our top tips.

Throw Out the Old

Firstly, you have to go through your wardrobe and throw out the clothes you haven’t worn in a while. Now, this doesn’t refer to the ultra-formal wear that you only wear every two years or so, but the clothes that you use on a regular basis.

If you can, donate to the poor or the homeless, so that they don’t clutter up landfill sites.

Think Sustainable

One of the most important issues of our day is making sure that we look after the planet. To do so, we have to throw fewer clothes away, thus purchasing fewer items. If more people purchase fewer items each year, then the environmental cost of manufacturing clothes will be significantly reduced. That’s how your shopping decisions help to do good for the world.

If you can, go to a second-hand store, and purchase some classy items there. You’ll be surprised what you may find.

Make Smart Clothing Choices

Shirts and T-shirts

The first thing to do is to get both work and casual wear that is timeless. Don’t go for what’s fashionable at the moment. Rather purchase items that are classy and chic. Some examples:

  • A cotton, buttoned shirt is classic, particularly when it’s white or black. It goes with anything, and you can accessorise to dress it up.
  • Some coloured t-shirts are vital for putting a pop of color into any wardrobe. If it’s long enough and fits well, it’ll add elegance to your entire outfit. If it’s too tight or too short, it may be trendy, but can seem tasteless, detracting from your look.
  • For work, consider getting some corporate polo shirts. They are smart without being formal, and very comfortable to boot—something that’s very important when you don’t want to be distracted by anything while working.


Some tailored black trousers will go with anything in your work wardrobe, and won’t easily get dirty.  They also look smart, particularly when paired with a belt with a gold buckle. These are generally made of easy-iron fabric, so it’s simple to keep them neat.

For a classic, cool look, get some white trousers, and for the casual look, some well-fitting jeans are good investments.


Your accessories will make an outfit sparkle, or make it merely mediocre. Necklaces, both long and short, add interest and texture. Wear something that represents your values, and, when people ask you about it, you can talk about it. Pieces of jewelry can therefore be conversation-starters.

You can also opt for clutch handbags, or for big, chunky ones. Clutch bags are designed for girls who like a smart look, but don’t have to carry much with them. Large bags are usually for mothers, or for women who take care of multiple individuals but want to look stylish when out and about.

If you have a cross-shoulder bag, you can move rapidly around a city while being street-smart. You’re less likely to have your pocket picked with such an accessory. It also allows you to find what you want quickly and easily, without needing to stop and rummage around in your bag.

Helpful tip: keep your bag choice as small as possible! You’ll prevent clutter accumulating and you’ll find items inside it without much fuss.


Shoes have two functions. No, three! One, to make a statement. Two, to enable you to walk with comfort and ease, and three, to protect your feet. Make sure your shoes can do it all.

Obtain some shoes that you can wear for different purposes. They need to match with a lot of outfits, so keep them neutral. Black, blue, beige, brown, white and cream tend to be the most popular colors. However, there may be some outfits where you just want to match your shoes, so you might select a vivid pink for a similarly coloured dress.


Hats, it has to be said, are stylish and classy. There’s nothing quite like a hat to make a bold, sassy, or summery statement, and to leave you feeling really good about yourself.

Whether you have a large, floppy hat for summer or a small, cozy one for winter, you can really play with design and color, texture, and even flowers.


You have the opportunity to have a lot of fun changing your wardrobe. You only have to purchase a few expensive items to freshen it up. Why not try something new today?

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