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Restaurant Branding With Custom Takeout Boxes!

Custom takeout boxes are an excellent way to market and brand your company. When you use them for food and gift items, many more people see the design and look of your product than if they were in traditional ones. 

Benefits of Custom Takeout Boxes Wholesale to Your Restaurant

Takeout Boxes Wholesale give off a professional appearance. Hence they set you apart from other companies producing similar products. You can put them on display in your store with other items, such as mugs and t-shirts. It will present a complete line of promotional products, all with the same logo.

Go Green Your Business

There is another added benefit when using these boxes with today’s environmental concerns. They reduce waste in landfills! Takeout box companies produce ecofriendly items made from recycled paper or sugar cane. They will break down quickly or can be recycled after use. 

These high quality products allow your cafe to be seen as “green” and forward thinking. However, it is an added benefit during these difficult ecofriendly times.

High Sales In Low Cost

Takeout cartons can give you the professional image you want for your bistro without breaking your budget. Because they are priced right, you may even sell more of your food items. 

Yet, customers feel they got a great deal! Your logo will also appear on every item brought home with them. So, it’s like advertising 24 hours a day.

Today everyone eats outside more than ever before. Restaurant menus include more than just sandwiches and pizza into formal takeout boxes. Many choices work perfectly with the custom boxes on the market, such as:

  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Pasta Salads
  • Fruit Cups

You can even pair a salad with a packet of dressing on the side for a complete meal to go!

Boxes produced by companies offer many possibilities for your product lineup. These promotional items will keep you in mind every time someone goes to throw away their food container from your restaurant or retail outlet. 

Be sure to design your boxes for all of your branding needs!

What Are Some Possible Designing Features Of Printed Takeout Boxes?

Customization Options

One feature that makes packaging unique is customizing them. The customer might want to customize the shape, size, or color of certain box parts. For example, you could create a triangular box if the customer requested it. Alternatively, you could draw customers’ faces on specific parts or make designs on their boxes. You could also cover part of the box in gold foil for an upscale look.

Design Elements and Logos

You can design Printed Takeout Boxes using any design elements for a logo or menu board. If your restaurant specializes in serving dim sum, for instance, you can include a picture of a dumpling, a Chinese character, or a logo of the restaurant’s name. Emphasizing certain design elements can help customers identify which menu item comes in their boxes.

Size and Shape

Another option is customizing the size and shape of your cartons. You could create rectangular boxes that are large enough to hold an entire meal. You could also make your boxes smaller and more compact if you want customers to enjoy several different dishes at one time. Additionally, some restaurants may prefer square containers to fit better in some car cup holders.

Materials Used; Durability

You can customize the type of material used for creating your box and how durable it will be when shipping food items home. Some materials you could use are cardboard, paperboard, plastic, and foam board. The material you choose should withstand ride for a few hours without tearing or breaking. You may also want to waterproof them if the customer will be eating their food items in an area where it might rain.

Custom Takeout Boxes Design Contest

Another idea is organizing a contest that brings customers into creating their custom boxes. Customers who enter the contest could submit designs for what they would like to see on their takeout box. Then, everyone votes on their favorite design. The winner gets free boxes printed with their creation! There are countless ways to make food packaging unique and special, with many options available. 

What Should Other Design Elements Be Included In A Custom Takeout Box?

Customers may also want to add text or illustrations inside their boxes. If you’re having a contest, for example, customers could submit the name of their dish on the container. They could also provide a funny or witty description. 

Hopefully, it will go viral or get shared around social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Another option is to create a cartoon character that matches your restaurant’s theme. For example, an anthropomorphic food item if your restaurant specializes in making sandwiches. 

What Are Some Ways To Make The Design Elements On The Custom Takeout Box More Appealing?

Customers may find more appeal in certain design elements if they were made using vibrant colors. They could also use their drawing skills and incorporate illustrations inside your restaurant’s logo or menu board. 

For example, instead of a simple, white typeface, you could opt to use handwriting that matches the style of your restaurant’s name. Some other reasons customers might want these containers are to:

  • Transport leftovers for home
  • Store items in their fridge or pantry at work
  • Give as gifts to family members

People may also order personalized boxes if certain foods don’t fit their needs or have dietary restrictions. For example, someone lactose allergic might need a specialized box that only contains dairy free options that they can eat. 

How Much Does It Cost For Your Restaurant To Print Custom Takeout Boxes? 

The price varies depending on our needs and how many boxes we order. Some orders are per unit, while larger orders may only cost 100 units. We also offer free services such as design and layout for custom designs.

In short, this is a great idea! You will love the concept of engaging customers with creative contests that will help boost business. Make your contest entry stand out but not be too complex or distracting. People only have seconds to glance at their Takeout Boxes Wholesale. It might also be nice if there could be different categories based on ages so older kids can compete against each other and younger children can compete against each other as well.

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