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Right way to monitor websites and Google Ads

The work of a webmaster, contrary to popular belief, is hard work. It includes monitoring the website’s performance around the clock, as well as, in many cases, its promotion. However, it is a partial truth that if a webmaster is idle, it means that job’s done perfectly. However, this requires setting up a whole range of different systems, tests and checks that will constantly monitor various indicators of the website’s health. And this is a difficult task that requires the use of quality tools: Google Adwords monitoring, website monitoring and more.

What is the right way to monitor websites?

Maintaining a website is hard work, and every webmaster will tell you that. Checking availability and availability using various internet protocols, SSL and domain validation, speed tests, even server performance monitoring, and more. But you have another option to handle it instead of working from dawn to dusk. 

In the latter case, we are talking about using an automated service instead of routine software and manually written scripts. In other words, any webmaster needs the right and effective tools that give maximum information with minimum effort. For example, one such tool is HostTracker. It is an online service that allows even a novice to professionally monitor a website from all possible angles.

HostTracker is the right way to monitor websites

In addition to full control over the state of the website, this platform allows you to simulate many user actions. Such tools will allow you not only to check the availability and stability of the website. It will also allow you to check its access speed and web pages loading speed, as well as data integrity.

Why is Google Adwords monitoring important?

With today’s advertising prices and large investments, every website owner always wants to be sure of its effectiveness. Therefore, when launching an advertising campaign like Google Adwords, every online store owner wants to be sure that nothing will interfere with it and stop users from coming to the website.

And if for some reason the website becomes unavailable, the Google Adwords system completely blocks all your ads campaigns. The reason for inaccessibility is of no particular importance for this contextual advertising service. And it can only be restored manually. But that’s not the worst part.

Why is Google Adwords monitoring important?

A large number of malfunctions of an Adwords-connected website go unnoticed by the system. And it places links to inaccessible websites in ad units, so users follow blank links. Furthermore, even a short-term failure can stop an advertising campaign for a long period. Because even if the webmaster localizes the problem in time, he will have to make a request to restore the subscription and wait for it to be fulfilled.

But the HostTracker toolkit includes a service that automatically checks website status. And it manually pauses ads campaigns via the Adwords API before Google takes any action. And once the website is back to normal, the service resumes the campaign. This approach allows website owners to avoid serious financial losses, minimizes the consequences of disruptions, and significantly reduces the load put on the webmaster or the technical team.

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