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Router’s Network Issue & How To Solve It With PixLink WiFi Repeater

If you wish to enjoy high-speed network signals in unlimited quantities then you can install a wireless router in your home. Because with the router device, you can enjoy unlimited networks in your home. You can easily install the security camera in your home and quickly connect your device. But in the long range, the network signals of your standard router are not enough. In the long-range area, you can face interrupted network signals. Many times, your device disconnected again & again. If you wish to enjoy a high-speed network then you install PixLink WiFi repeater device. Because the network connectivity is more stable & high. You can seamlessly enjoy the network connectivity of this device in the long range. Additionally, the network coverage is seamless & ultimate. 

The Pix-Link wireless repeater is completely compatible with all types of standards. Then, all types of brands & networks are easily connected to this rep[ater. This repeater easily enhances the network connectivity of your standard router. On the top panel, the WPS button is built-in. You can just press this button and entirely perform the pix link repeater setup. This button allows performing the wireless setup in a quick manner. 

Why is the standard router network slow & how to solve it with PixLink WiFi Repeater? 

The wireless standard router is the perfect device for small areas & few networking devices. The 10 networking devices easily access the wireless network from the standard router. But if you connect more than 12 networking devices then the network signals are slow. You cannot access the router;’s network in the long-area. Sometimes, the router’s network is slow and the user cannot enjoy high-speed network signals. There are some reasons due to network signals being slow. These reasons are as follows:

  • Connect more networking devices to the router
  • Disable 5GHz network
  • Install standard router in long-range
  • Outdated router’s firmware version

Solve the router’s weak signals with PixLink WiFi Repeater 

If you are using a wireless networking router and face weak & interrupted network signals repeatedly then you can install the range repeater. Because the repeater device accurately repeats the router’s network signals. If you wish to fix the router’s weak signals with a repeater then you can follow some steps.

Connect the standard router to the range repeater by using a wired connection

To eliminate the router’s weak signals you can connect the router to the repeater. If you do not connect the router to the repeater device then the network signals do not improve. You can connect a wireless standard router to a repeater device with both wireless and wired connections. But the wireless connection is not stable, there are more chances of breaking the connection. Then, you can avoid the wireless connection. To connect the standard router to the repeater, you can use a wired connection. Because the wired connection is more stable & better than the wireless connection. But ensure the router & repeater device support LAN port. If the LAN port is not there then you cannot make the wired connection. 

You can take an Ethernet cable and then verify the LAN port. After that, you can plug this cable into the router’s LAN port. Then, plug into the range repeater’s LAN port. Now turn ON the power and verify the connection. 

Enable the 5GHz network

If you wish to improve the standard router’s network signals then you can enable the 5GHz network, it is disabled. Because the 5GHz network delivers high speed. The network connectivity is more stable than the 2.4GHz network. You can use the repeater’s IP address and insert it into the web utility. Then, you can visit the login page and properly log in to the account by using the admin password. Then, go to the wireless setting and verify the network. If the 5GHz network is disabled then you can enable it. After that, the router’s network signals absolutely improved. 

Change the wireless channel of PixLink WiFi Repeater

If you have configured the wrong wireless channel, then the network signals of the router will not be improved. To enhance the router’s network signals, you can configure the correct wireless channel. You can visit the repeater setting and then select the wireless setting. Under this setting, you can choose the wireless channel. If the wireless channel is wrong configured. Then you can quickly change the wireless channel. After that, save these settings and the router’s network signals are properly enhanced. 

Upgrade the Pix-Link repeater firmware

Sometimes, the pix-link range dual-band repeater firmware version is outdated and it doesn’t provide high-speed network signals. Moreover, the signal LEDs light indicates orange. To improve the router’s network signals, you can visit myrepeater.net firmware download. Under this, you can properly verify the firmware version. If the firmware version is outdated then you can update it. But before this, you can download the latest firmware. Now, the firmware version easily upgrades it. The router’s network signals properly increase it. 

Modify the range repeater position

If the router’s network signal is not improved after upgrading the firmware version then you should verify the position. If the standard router is far from the repeater device then the router device does not catch the repeater signals. To properly amplify the router’s network you can place the router that is too close to the repeater device. After that, the standard router is easily caught and the powerful network signals and weak signals get rids.

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