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SACFA Clearance in India: Eligibility Criteria to obtain

SACFA Clearance allows you to operate or install your wireless device on an allocated frequency band. However, because of the national significance of this clearance, the DOT can’t allow just anyone to obtain this approval. Keeping that in mind, the Department of Telecommunication has set up eligibility criteria that telecom service providers have to meet. 

This blog lists those points and provides you with the guidance you need to procure the SACFA clearance certificate. 

The rise of the telecommunication sector has brought forth an increase in the quality and efficiency of telecom products. However, the nature of these articles has compelled the telecom department to introduce several regulations. One of these regulations is the SACFA clearance.  Read More: RNI Registration

Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocations issues this approval to telecom service providers wishing to get frequency allocations for operating their wireless devices. In order to obtain this approval, the Telecom Service Providers have to:

  1. Meet the eligibility criteria to obtain the clearance, and
  2. Apply offline to get allocated the frequency on which their device operates.

There used to be a time when the procedure to adhere to the points we mentioned above was cumbersome. However, as time passed and more telecom companies started to come out of the woodwork, the government of India introduced a simplified paradigm to obtain the SACFA certificate in India.

Meeting the Eligibility Criteria for the SACFA Clearance

Naturally, telecom service providers have the prerogative to apply for the SACFA clearance in India:

  1. The applicant must be a Private Limited Company incorporated as per the Companies Act, 2013.
  2. The incorporated company’s objective must be to provide telecom services. Furthermore, the company’s Memorandum of Association should mention that it shall provide those services using wireless devices.
  3. The applicant should have the financial capabilities needed to operate the infrastructure of his TSP company.

After meeting these criteria, the applicant must take the requisite steps to obtain SACFA clearance. As per the Office Memorandum of DOT dated 6th October 2021, the government has simplified this procedure.

Procedure to obtain SACFA Certificate

Upon meeting the eligibility, the applicant member’s company must deliberate and follow the steps below under the guidance of a telecom consultant. Read More: Dealer Certification

Filing SACFA Cases: 

The applicant must first file the SACFA cases by providing the following information on the SARALSANCHAR portal:

  1. Frequency
  2. Radiated Power
  3. Emission
  4. Bandwidth
  5. Antenna Parameters

Uploading requisite information: 

The applicant must upload the requisite information, including:

  1. Frequency earmarking or assignment letter
  2. Copy of the Challan, and
  3. Other documents as per the type of frequency allocation the applicant seeks.

Submitting the requisite fee for application’s processing: 

After uploading the requisite documents and filling the application form, the applicant must finalize the process by paying the fee via the BHARATKOSH portal.

Automatic clearance of the requests: 

The SARALSANCHAR system automatically processes the application and generates a SACFA clearance certificate.

Downloading the clearance certificate:

 The applicant will receive notification about the generation or rejection of the SACFA clearance certificate. Afterwards, the applicant must download that document from the SARALSANCHAR portal.


Provided that the applicant is a business entity and can financially support the telecommunication business, he can obtain the SACFA clearance certificate. The process is convenient, courtesy of the simplified paradigm DOT has chosen to allocate frequency bands.  Read Other Content: Dealer Certificate

For further information about SACFA clearance, you can contact Registrationwala.

SACFA Clearance Eligibility Criteria. Consult this blog to know the eligibility criteria to meet to obtain SACFA approval.

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