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SAS V/S R Which One Is Better?

SAS and R programming are two popular data analytics/analysis tools or software in the market. Both tools come with lots of great features and provide many advantages to their users.  But which one of them is better than the other? That’s the question we will answer today. So, today we are going to compare both these amazing data analytics/analysis tools to discover which one of them is better than the other.

Basic Difference

SAS aka Statistical Analysis Software is a robust data analytics software. It allows an organization to use qualitative techniques/processes using which it can easily enhance the productivity of its employees and increase its profits. Using it you can easily extract and categorize data for analysis and identifying data patterns.

Using it you can easily perform/do advanced analysis, predictive analysis, data management, etc. Furthermore, it is platform-independent and you can run it on any OS without any issues or problems. To learn how to use this amazing data analytics software in detail feel free to join SAS Training in Noida.

On the other hand, R is a stupendous programming language that is used by thousands of data scientists and companies like Google and Facebook for data analysis. The programming language features various functions using which you can easily manipulate data, create statistical models and create phenomenal data visualizations.


The data analysis that you can perform with SAS can also be done using R. Furthermore, R contains more functions and data analysis techniques in comparison to its competitor. This is mainly because R is open-source and supports innovation. Any person who creates new tech for it can easily add that technique to it without any difficulty. Whereas SAS is a commercial data analytics software and does not allow its users to add new techniques to it. The company usually adds new capabilities and techniques in its new products rather than adding them to its old products. Thus in terms of functionality R appears to be a better option than its competitor.

Ease of Learning

SAS is very easy to learn especially if you have basic knowledge of SQL. Furthermore, it has a very user-friendly GUI. Besides this, there are hundreds of resources, tutorials, and training programs on the internet that you can use to master this amazing data analytics software. Whereas R is not that easy to learn and you have to dedicate lots of time to it if you want to become proficient in it. So, when it comes to ease of learning SAS is easier to learn in comparison to R.


SAS is very expensive as it is commercial software. The software comes with a price tag of $8000 per annum. Expensive, right? This is the main reason why small organizations hesitate to use this software for performing analytics. Whereas R is free to use as it is an open-source programming language. You can easily download and use it without paying any fee. So, when it comes to availability and pricing SAS is a better option than R.

Community and Customer Support

R has a very large online community but it does not offer its users any customer care support. What does this mean? It means that if you face a problem while working with it then you have to deal with it on your own.  However, since it has a very large online community you won’t face any problems while finding a solution to your problem. Whereas SAS offers customer care support to its users and also has a very large online community. What does it mean? It means whenever you face a problem with the software you can easily find the solution to the problem without any difficulty. So, in terms of customer care support, SAS appears to be a better option than R.

File Sharing

You cannot share your SAS files with other people who do not use this software. On the other hand, since R is open-source you can easily share your R files with other people without any difficulty. Thus, in terms of file-sharing capabilities, SAS appears to be a better option than R. To learn more about the file-sharing capabilities of R and SAS feel free to enroll yourself in the SAS Training Institute in Delhi.


SAS and R both are phenomenal data analytics/analysis tools and provide lots of benefits and advantages to their users. But in a broad view, SAS is more superior to R. The software is very easy to learn and is very user-friendly, and offers 24/7 customer support to its users. So, if you have sufficient funds then you must use SAS rather than going for R.

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