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Say goodbye to insecurity with the right kind of swimwear

Every occasion requires suitable clothing, whether a vacation, party or official event. Swimwear is anything appropriate for a pool. Modest swimwear is a type of swimwear that is not explicit or revealing. The definition of modesty differs from person to person. It generally includes outfits that are casual and comfortable for the person.

The evolution of swimwear has come a long way since the 1900s. Initially, swimwear in the United States was limited to bikinis or one-piece suits that only models wore to flaunt their bodies. But with changing times, the meaning of the word swimwear broadened.

The most popular among modest swimwear are the following:

i) One-piece swimsuits- These are the go-to choice of any woman when it comes to modest beachwear. It is more comfortable and less revealing. They do not easily slip off. They also provide a figure-flattering look to the person wearing them. They are available in different types and sizes. For instance, a person looking to flaunt their figure can go for a one-piece dress attached to cycling shorts. On the contrary, the ones made up of skirts provide comfort and make the person feel secure.

ii) Tanikis- These are two-piece swimsuits with a tank top and a short or a skirt. They provide more comfort than one-piece swimsuits as they are easy to wear and remove. One does not have to worry about using the restroom frequently. One can mix and match any tank top with any bottom. Hence, it gives a person many fashionable options. These are useful if one is a regular swimmer.

iii) Monokinis- These are similar to a one-piece dress but reveal more skin. They sometimes cover the belly button, and sometimes they do not. They are unique and are widely accepted fashionable swimwear in western countries.

iv) Midkinis are two-piece suits and fall between bikinis and tankinis. They are slightly more revealing than tankinis and show less skin than bikinis. They also provide styling flexibility as you can mix and match tops and bottoms. They are conservative swimsuits with the top a little longer than a usual bikini top, and the bottom is high-waisted. Hence, it does not reveal the belly button.

v) Swim skirts- These skirts usually come attached with shorts so that it does not fly while a person is swimming. These are the best type of modest swimwear recommended to young girls. They do not expose hips or thighs, so one does not need to feel uncomfortable. These are also the perfect fit for pregnant women or plus-size ladies as it covers most of their waist. It removes the sense of insecurity and makes them feel bold and confident.

vi) Broad shorts- Shorts made up of nylon do not always need to stick to the legs of the person feeling it. Broad shorts are similar to night shorts, but they are longer. They can go as long as up to the knee. It is a very comfortable and casual type of modest swimwear. If women are not comfortable wearing skin-tight shorts that expose their shape and thighs, they can go for these shorts as they are pretty loose.

Vii) Swim pants- They are the very definition of modest. These are the ones that go as long as the ankle of a person and cover the entire leg. A woman wearing this feels the ultimate comfort as nothing is revealed. These pants are preferred by women who are insecure about their legs or those who do not want to get a tan.

Although modesty and immodesty have a significant say in a person’s fashion sense, it does not define one’s character. One has the right to assert fashion independence and choose what is suitable for their standards. After all, comfort comes first.

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